Sounds a liitle wrong.
Aren’t the words “I can see clearly now, the booze is gone” ?
Something like that. I’ll go check in the morning.

Ever notice how an un-ended attribute can affect your sig line?
**bold *italic underline [/sub]

Thanks, barflyer. You are a gentleman and a drinker.
That is exactly what I was going for.
But since I don’t really like booze, I’ll settle for Beer.

Look again at my sig.





more test, now with a sig

Well, does it???
…I guess it does.

Testando. Voglio vedere come funziona 'sta merda. Vi auguro una fottuta giornata!

meliadus, such language! :o

Sig Test

No, I mean it this time.

Just a test.

[Test](#_top" target="self).


(Another test)


(ooh, I got this error: Sorry! The administrator has specified that users can only post one message every 60 seconds.)


sig test

Let me try that again…