Texas Board of Education meeting -- Jesus Christ, why do we have to listen to these clowns?

I left Texas in 1963 and have been grateful for the chance ever since. From what I read, I doubt Texas will ever change but I hope your cousins prove me wrong. Tell them to hurry, though, because I’m an old guy now and I don’t have a lot of time left.

Ironically posted by somebody from Minnesota…

That came a while after Rick Agosto, D-San Antonio — admittedly “a little toasty” — had told board conservatives they could stick Confederate President Jefferson Davis’s inaugural address “where the sun don’t shine.”

Heh heh, that was awesome.

I’ll trade for one bottle of Corona or Dos Equis.

I’m easy :slight_smile:

OMG. This post, with THAT name, was just too perfect :smiley:

Certainly don’t condone this, but can’t get all worked about it. It really just means that kids will be taught a slightly different set of facts that they will soon forget instead of being taught to old set of facts that they used to forget. Plus, with the internet these days, anyone with half a brain and an interest in learning won’t rely on their textbooks anyway.

But I have to wonder if they’re going too far this time, and the other states won’t accept the changes.

Here’s how they started the meeting today.

Lord help us.

Why not just disband schools then? They’d save a fuckload of money.

Come on John… i understand every conservative is hardly represented in this… but instead of jesus… let’s ask… What Would Bill Buckley do??

Look, just let 'em do it. Remember all those ‘this is your brain on drugs!’ commercials? Every kid mocked them. This will only teach them the weaknesses of the conservative position.

Well, the people there are awfully nice and they have great food. It’s just too bad the politics suck (I lived there for a few years after college).
Anyway as Bridgett Burke said above, one of the problems is that nobody really pays much to attention to what the school board is doing until, as is the case here, they start acting like assholes. Quick, name me one member on your state’s school board (or equivalent thereof) without Googling it. Anybody? I certainly can’t.
Elections for these things are generally pretty low profile and unless the board goes out of its way to do something controversial most people don’t pay much attention to it. This situation in Texas is something that was years in the making, as people just voted for whoever the Republican candidate on the ballot for school board was without knowing much, if anything, about them. It was just another downpage race that they punched the chads for simply for the sake of completing their ballots.

Texans are proud of where they are from and I can never understand why.

Well, kids do learn a little math, how to spell (badly), how to read, and what the holidays are. Maybe some science and that there was a Revolutionary and Civil War. Beyond that, I’m really not sure how important the other stuff is in their daily lives-- which is why so many people don’t remember much of it.

Whether or not they are taught that Obama is Barack Obama or Barack Hussein Obama is hardly a crisis in education.

Again, I’m not condoning this, and I don’t particularly like it. Whether it will have any significant effect on the overall education our kids end up getting is debatable. I don’t think it’s going to change their ability to read, do math, or know a little about science. The far more important thing that determines the quality of education is the quality of teaches and the involvement of parents.

Of all the things these kids will be exposed to over 12 years of schooling, what percent of these things are we talking about changing?

I can. Texas is a great state. It just has a high fuckwit/sane ratio, like most of the South. (Don’t give me any shit about that. It was a Confederate state, therefore it gets tarred with the “South” moniker.) But things are changing, albeit slowly.

Well, go ahead and reason with them, if you got nothing better to do.

They changed the reason for the civil war, and I didn’t worry because that’s just old history.

They changed the science books to remove evolution, and I didn’t worry because kids will figure it out anyway

They changed the fact that McCarthy made stuff up and destroyed people’s careers for his own political gain and i didn’t worry because I’m not a communist.

Just how much do you propose to let the school board fanatics get away with?

I don’t believe this is true, but I’m open to changing my mind if you can show me that they did this. The article says they re-ordered the causes, plural.

I don’t believe they did this, but I’m open to changing my mind if you can show me that they did this.

Possible, however I’m not even sure this is correct.

You’ve noted 3 things, of which 1 might be almost correct. So, I guess I’m still not all that worried.

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So is your argument that the eduction that kids receive is shit anyway, and they don’t remember much of what they’re taught, so it really does not matter what kind of crap is put in the textbooks?

You must not spend much time on the Internet.