That Atlantic Tsunami (caused by Canary Island Landslide):Should We Prevent It?

It’s the movement of the landslide that creates the tsunami; the movement of rock and earth shoves aside the incompressible water, which becomes the wave. The bigger and faster the landslide, the more intense the tsunami will be.

Not at the moment; i just googled up that other one to support my memory.

As mentioned the nature of the geological instability is contentious, and likely based on inappropriate modeling parameters (see Pararas-Carayannis 2002 for expansive discussion, .pdf). Even using the disputed model of Ward and Day (2001), the high-amplitude waveforms are unlikely to present a catastrophic hazard to the Eastern seaboard of the USA, though would be highly destructive locally. Wave heights along the Florida coastline would be on the order of between 1.2 cm and 77 cm, should such a landslide occur (Gisler et al. 2006, .pdf).