The 2021 Gardening Thread - what's going on in your yard?

We’re on a trip now, but we got some friends to water and pick what stuff they want.
We’ve got about 100 butternut squash, all volunteers. We’ve got tomatoes everywhere, mostly volunteers, which I’m going to call the Khan variety (genetic supertomatoes.) My BLT eating has begun. We ate beans and eight ball zucchini every other meal before we left. We grew onions this year, and dried them out back - I moved them to a box (full) and there are still red onions from my additional patch.
Before I joined my wife to see our new grandson I had Japanese eggplant stir fried and then regular eggplant, zucchini and tomato in roasted vegetable sandwiches.
One unexpected thing. Our neighbor has lung cancer (though he never smoked) and his therapy has killed his appetite. Except for my tomatoes. Now I’m glad I have so many - better he gets them than me.

A hundred squash, or a hundred PLANTS?!?

So far I have harvested about 60 habermeos, made some hab jelly and the rest are in the freezer, probably have as many again on the two bushes.

In serendipitous news I saw what I thought was a weed growing under a laurel that is still struggling after the freeze. I left it alone and it turns out the weed is a Firebush and is quite pretty and I just saw two hummingbirds flapping around it.

I have no idea where it came from but I’ll probably take out the laurel and leave that to grow in its place.

My front stoop. Chicago.

Very cool!

So I’m still new with plants, I just love them. A lot. I have about 10 separate pots and two gardens to water but can’t tell you what half of them are.

Anyway, the blackberries and green beans did well! It’s just that the cauliflower is about dead and the raspberries might have some virus. All the flowers are doing great and the fig tree didn’t fully die!

I’m working on not being emotionally attached to all the plants. It’s been a rough year or so, but I’ve been home with all the plants all day!