The biggest downside to owning a laptop.

I have one also, and while the left palmrest will get warm (harddrive is under there) the rest of the computer will stay fairly cool. Warm, yes, but not hot. Only time I ever have the cooling fan kick in on mine is when it is plugged in, resting on some sort of insulator, and doing some serious work (like editing stuff in photoshop)

OH my goodness, you mean there are people who actually put them directly on their laps? I always use this special little foldout board I have. It has grooves in it so as to allow circulation under the laptop. But it still blows out hot air and is too warm to hold for long.

I wasn’t so much worried about burning myself, but in making sure that the laptop staying safe and didn’t overheat (I’m NOT a geek, I’m not :D), so that’s why I bought the laptop board, not to prevent burns. Though they do get hot to the touch.

The laptops are pretty well designed to use what they can to remove heat, so as long as you haven’t plugged up the holes that the air comes out of, it should be OK.

There also are often CMOS settings to tell the laptop (or any computer) to power down if the CPU temperature goes above a certain point. This helps to be a safeguard against meltdowns. Lot of them are enabled by default at the manufacturer recommended temperature.

Nitpick! It’s Nikola Tesla…my father, the über Tesla-enthusiast, wanted to name me this whether I came out a boy or a girl. Luckily, my mother got her way! :smiley:

My laptop sucks monkey balls. I need a new desktop!