The Britster Back in the Hospital

No details why, yet.


Its sad that so many people care about this.

apparently not to many around here…
(care, that is)

It’s sad to see anyone like this. She obviously has some very severe mental problems and needs professional help. Until she stays put in the hospital long enough to get straightened out she’s going to be in and out just like Lindsay Lohan and her drug rehab.

It’s sad that we want to see this.

I was as fascinated as anyone until I realised we were all willing to kill her just for our own entertainment.

The papparazi trying to run her off the road. The tabloids readying obituaries. “Respectable” media jumping on the bandwagon. All because we’ll pay to see it.

Even if some one is able to justify in their own minds that celebrities might deserve this, I figure it has to take a little chunk out of your soul so I refuse to participate any longer.

Actually, it’s fairly common for news organizations to have obits prepared long before a celeb dies. That way they’re not unprepared for when the celeb kacks it. Ian Fleming got his start in journalism updating the obits of famous people who weren’t dead yet, so the concept goes back to at least the 1930s. I doubt if Britney’s even the youngest. I imagine that the moment Ryan White made the news, organizations were preparing his obit.

An episode of The Mary Tyler Moore used this as a plot device. Mary was assigned the task of updating the obit file. (Being the 1970s, I think all the obits were on 3x5 cards or something.) She and Rhoda decided to have some fun with it and write things like “Raquel Welch: One thing for sure, she didn’t drown.” Of course she intended to fix everything the next day, but in the meantime one of the people died and Ted, not knowing any better, read the joke obit on the air. Seriousness ensued.

Bob Hope’s obituaries got tired of waiting on two separate occasions. The first one got out as an AP wire story, prompting a eulogy in the US House of Representatives. The second time, an obituary appeared prematurely on CNN’s Web site.

What, that doesn’t have anything to do with the OP? Never mind, then.

I don’t read tabloids, I don’t visit gossip sites and I don’t watch entertainment “news” shows, yet somehow I know a lot more about Britney than I care to. Whatever her flaws it can’t be much fun being her right now, and I hope she’s able to turn herself around.

Simply standing in a supermarket checkout line once a week or so will keep you quite well informed on this and other important matters.

They were doing them alphabetically and it lasted until three in the morning so they were pretty loopy. Last of all was ‘Wee Willy Winky’ the oldest resident in Minneapolis. Naturally, he was the one to die the very next day. Ted was horrified. “What would his mother think?” he demanded to know.

When asked about his future plans, Wee Willie said they included traveling, gardening, and breathing.

And she’s been released.

Our long national nightmare of no Britney Spears news is now over.