The bullying of Frank Burns in M*A*S*H

Wasn’t Hawkeye in the hospital for like a month in the finale episode, dealing with his personal trauma?

Not to mention there was an episode that took place over an entire year, with no cast changes.

The Simpsons has better continuity!

The PA announcer: “Our new CO is Colonel Sherman Potter, regular Army. God help us all.”

At least we know where Korea is!

Speaking of…who exactly WAS announcing on the PA? You’d think it would be Radar or someone in the office. But we never saw who did the announcing. Not only was he there for every season, he was there after everyone had left. And he never interacted with any characters.

Maybe he wasn’t really there!

Yeah. Sometimes Radar or Klinger or Potter made announcements, but other times, this mysterious, never-seen fellow did it. Tuttle?

IIRC, the Unknown Announcer mainly handled non-medical announcements. Most of the time there was an “All Hands On Deck” call it was Radar.

Usually Todd Susman or Sal Viscuto. Whenever you see a patient extra that you could swear had made previous visits to the 4077, that’s Viscuto. He also played the priest on Soap.

Sometimes the announcing would happen while we were in Radar’s office, where the PA system is.

The announcer was from the other side of camp, where the rest of the doctors and nurses and patients were. You know, the side behind the camera.

Guys and gals, if you can give me her character’s name or describe a single b-plot this character was in (no Googleing, honor system), you win this thread:

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Honor system: I had to look it up. But I love that episode this still is from.

She’s probably the only one of the people of her kind (not THAT kind) that has a real name, not a phoenitic alphabet name like all the rest of the nurses.

The nurses were often treated as interchangeable. Eight different actresses played Nurse Able and nine different actresses played Nurse Baker during the series. Lesley Evans played Nurse Bryan, Nurse Mason and Nurse Mitchell in different episodes. Kellye Nakahara (who died earlier this year) started out as both a Nurse Able and a Nurse Baker but eventually became Nurse Kellye Yamato in later seasons.

I don’t remember the name, but she dealt sharply with a blood transfusion purist.

Correct, but as JAQ mentioned, this was the only nurse (other than Houlihan) in the early years to have her own title card. Kelly may have… I guess I’ll find out as it appears I’m rewatching the show now, lol.

And, yes, she was involved in the blood transfusion episode (and, to be fair, I’m pretty sure that was the A-plot to that story line).

… dammit, forgot to add: Her name is Ginger Bayliss.

Played by Mills Watson, better known as Sheriff Lobo’s #1 deputy.

IRL the tenures of the nurses were shorter. About 4 months. The surgeons would be there for a year or so, no more.

I think the previously anonymous P.A. announcer must have been Major Tuttle. :wink:

Buttle, Tuttle, whatever. Better call Information Retreival.