The career path of high profile Pornstars!

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Teri Weigel is also notorious for being the first Playboy Playmate to do hardcore porn. I believe that the playmates are contractually not allowed to do hardcore porn, so this was kind of a big deal.

I think Teri Weigel may have made Playboy change the rules of PoftM as a result. I understand she isn’t even doing Porn Movies anymore only one on one one on one session’s. She has been at this escorting thing starting in May 0f 1999 at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch; been a long time at the trade!

From what I understand almost any hard core porn star is willing to escort with benefits if the price is right and the client is not an absolute troll.

I am working in the erotic field myself and from what I know most pornstar start working as an escort because they do not make the big money as before in the porn business. As reported in the news lately the porn business is kind of dead these days because of all the free internet porn :).