The Celebrity Death Pool 2011

Can you repost without numbers pls?

In no particular order…
George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Lindsay Lohan
Joan Fontaine
Olivia de Havilland
Jimmy Carter
Sam Elliot
Burt Reynolds
Johnny Depp
Tom Selleck
Bill Clinton
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy


Alex Trebek
Chuck Norris
Hillary Clinton
Pope Benedict XIV
Suggested modification to the rules:

One “pity point” awarded if someone on your alternate list dies.

I was suddenly and inexplicably inspired to post an all Laugh-In list, and since Our Lady Of The Bandwagon appeared as a guest 9 times, I can ride along:

Alan Sues
Artie Johnson
Chelsea Brown
Dave Madden
Gary Owens
Goldie Hawn
Jill St. John
Jo Anne Worley
Judy Carne
Lily Tomlin
Ruth Buzzi
Willie Tyler
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Carol Channing
Rich Little
Richard Dawson

How about instead we just mock you for being so close, yet so far?

Barrack Obama
Michelle Obama
George W. Bush
Laura Bush
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush (the elder)
Nancy Reagen
Jimmy Carter
Rosalyn Carter
Betty Ford
Jeb Bush

And in recognition, I announce a new award for the themed list that gets the highest score. If your list has a theme, please declare it when posting your list. And no, “old and sick people” is not going to count as a theme.

Someone more creative than I can suggest a name for this new award.

When I publish standings, players with an asterisk at the end of their name have a themed list.

“Theme Dirge”
(y’know - like in theme song? fine, it was the best I could come up with on 2 hours sleep) :smiley:

How about:

Death Entertains Me in More Ways than One Award?


The Boot Hill Theme Park Ride Award.

My first themed list was “I’m dreaming of a Bush Deathpool.”

What about “I’m dreaming of a themed deathpool?”

ETA: In case you didn’t noice, my list is Presidents and First Ladies, with one brother for #13

Yep - I awarded you an asterisk.

Peter Straub
Clive Barker
Brian Lumley
F. Paul Wilson
Stephen King
R. L. Stine
Dean Koontz
Bentley Little
Richard Matheson
Robert McCammon
Ann Rice
John Saul
Brian Keene

Thomas Harris
Neil Gaiman
J. K. Rowling

Being on my list guarantees they will make it through the year. I haven’t played in a couple of years because I kept getting nada!

Anyway, I have a theme, I call it “Scared Stiff

Actually had him in an earlier draft of my list. Have no clue who Elison is.

Then again, I had a LOT of names to pick from given my theme, but it only goes so far, so I wanted to spray and pray on my list.

Then again, again, I was kinda constrained to my names, and to my timing. I HAD to do this list this year [2011], I felt.

Gary Busey
Mary Kate Olsen (switching off each year between sisters)
Bob Newhart
Ben “Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard” Jones
Dick Tufeld (voice of the robot in “Lost in Space”)
Lois Chiles (actress, Bond Girl in Moonraker)
Mohammad Ali
Jim Nabors
Martin Landau
Stephen Hawking
Ariel Sharon
Nick Nolte
Kim Jong Il

Alternates will be Henry Kissenger, then Mel Gibson

Everyone check my list, since it virtually **guarantees **survival

Gary Busey
Mary Kate Olsen
Bob Newhart
Ben Jones
Dick Tufeld
Lois Chiles
Mohammad Ali
Jim Nabors
Martin Landau
Stephen Hawking
Ariel Sharon
Nick Nolte
Kim Jong Il

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
George Martin
Yoko Ono
Julian Lennon
Pete Best
Sean Lennon
Olivia Harrison
Cynthia Lennon
Jane Asher
Patti Boyd Harrison
Zak Starkey
Stella McCartney


Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Bill Wyman

But not necessarily a good one :slight_smile:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Starts working on list. Yeah, I know that I’m screwed if I’m just now starting to work on it.

Love the theme list prize!

Death is not as complicated as it Themes.

Okay, here goes:

Fidel Castro
Jack T. Chick
Michael Douglas
Roger Ebert
Bill Erwin
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Richard Griffiths
Christopher Hitchens
Ed Koch
Jerry Lewis
Margaret Thatcher
Gore Vidal
Amy Winehouse

Lindsay Lohan
Jason Mewes

Bill Erwin is a very old English actor. Richards Griffiths is an alarmingly fat English actor who played Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies. Ed Koch used to be mayor of New York.

Thank you for doing this, amarone.

I like that one.

Ronnie Biggs
Ernest Borgnine
Ray Bradbury
Fidel Castro
Dick Clark
Michael Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Henry Kissinger
Jerry Lewis
Ariel Sharon
Sherwood Schwartz
Margaret Thatcher
Peter Tork

Stephen Hawking
Jimmy Carter