The Celebrity Death Pool 2011

Yep - I awarded you an asterisk.

Peter Straub
Clive Barker
Brian Lumley
F. Paul Wilson
Stephen King
R. L. Stine
Dean Koontz
Bentley Little
Richard Matheson
Robert McCammon
Ann Rice
John Saul
Brian Keene

Thomas Harris
Neil Gaiman
J. K. Rowling

Being on my list guarantees they will make it through the year. I haven’t played in a couple of years because I kept getting nada!

Anyway, I have a theme, I call it “Scared Stiff

Actually had him in an earlier draft of my list. Have no clue who Elison is.

Then again, I had a LOT of names to pick from given my theme, but it only goes so far, so I wanted to spray and pray on my list.

Then again, again, I was kinda constrained to my names, and to my timing. I HAD to do this list this year [2011], I felt.

Gary Busey
Mary Kate Olsen (switching off each year between sisters)
Bob Newhart
Ben “Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard” Jones
Dick Tufeld (voice of the robot in “Lost in Space”)
Lois Chiles (actress, Bond Girl in Moonraker)
Mohammad Ali
Jim Nabors
Martin Landau
Stephen Hawking
Ariel Sharon
Nick Nolte
Kim Jong Il

Alternates will be Henry Kissenger, then Mel Gibson

Everyone check my list, since it virtually **guarantees **survival

Gary Busey
Mary Kate Olsen
Bob Newhart
Ben Jones
Dick Tufeld
Lois Chiles
Mohammad Ali
Jim Nabors
Martin Landau
Stephen Hawking
Ariel Sharon
Nick Nolte
Kim Jong Il

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
George Martin
Yoko Ono
Julian Lennon
Pete Best
Sean Lennon
Olivia Harrison
Cynthia Lennon
Jane Asher
Patti Boyd Harrison
Zak Starkey
Stella McCartney


Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Bill Wyman

But not necessarily a good one :slight_smile:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Starts working on list. Yeah, I know that I’m screwed if I’m just now starting to work on it.

Love the theme list prize!

Death is not as complicated as it Themes.

Okay, here goes:

Fidel Castro
Jack T. Chick
Michael Douglas
Roger Ebert
Bill Erwin
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Richard Griffiths
Christopher Hitchens
Ed Koch
Jerry Lewis
Margaret Thatcher
Gore Vidal
Amy Winehouse

Lindsay Lohan
Jason Mewes

Bill Erwin is a very old English actor. Richards Griffiths is an alarmingly fat English actor who played Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter movies. Ed Koch used to be mayor of New York.

Thank you for doing this, amarone.

I like that one.

Ronnie Biggs
Ernest Borgnine
Ray Bradbury
Fidel Castro
Dick Clark
Michael Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Henry Kissinger
Jerry Lewis
Ariel Sharon
Sherwood Schwartz
Margaret Thatcher
Peter Tork

Stephen Hawking
Jimmy Carter

You’re a sick, sick person.

I love you in a Macabre Kinda Way.:smiley:

Christopher Hitchens
Michael Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Bob Barker
Elizabeth Taylor
Dick Cheney
Brett Michaels
Ariel Sharon
Mohammed Ali
Penny Marshall
Fidel Castro
Andy Rooney
Margaret Thatcher

Paul Keating
Jimmy Carter


Themes like old times?

Introduction of the lisping “seems” should open up a lot of possibilities.

Death no longer themes so pointless.

Subscribing. I’ll be back later tonight to post my list when I have more time.

I suggested this as a new rule, but it was shot down. However as a matter of courtesy, please refrain from discussing hot tops on list candidates in this thread while nominations are open.

You could be messing up someone’s otherwise unique pick by doing so.

FWIW, I consider discussing hot tips in the current game to be fair.

ETA: Discussing why you picked some for your list is fine. I’m talking about stuff like “I just read that Atilla the Hun has terminal ass cancer. Let’s all pick him!”

I’m not quite sure how VinderBob appointed himself the rule-master - particularly since his suggestion was “shot down”, but anyway…
**My theme: “Please don’t sit on the Queen Anne!”
Chastity Bono - I Got You Flab
Aretha Franklin - Queen of Soul Food
Artie Lange - Howard Stern crony
Vincent Pastore - Huge Pussy
William “Refrigerator” Perry - Aptly-named ex-Chicago Bear
Randy Quaid - Cousin Eddie gone wacko
Gabourey Sidibe - My Precious!
Phyllis Smith - Got into Vance’s refrigerator
Sally Struthers - No longer Archie’s Little Goil
Reuben Studdard - Named after the sandwich


Oprah Winfrey - The Big dOnut
Kirstie Alley - Used to be hot
Kevin Smith - Friend of airlines
Vanilla list:

Chastity Bono
Aretha Franklin
Artie Lange
Vincent Pastore
William “Refrigerator” Perry
Randy Quaid
Gabourey Sidibe
Phyllis Smith
Sally Struthers
Reuben Studdard


Oprah Winfrey
Kirstie Alley
Kevin Smith

Funeral knells, deep-six bells
Ringing all the way
Oh what fun it is to play
In that ghoulish Doper way –ay
Funeral knells, deep-six bells
Who to pick today?
No more will I add Vigoda
To my death array. Hey!