The Crown; season 4

I just finished season 4. The Chuck and Di show is depressing as hell. I like the other topics more.

I agree, although I’m not sure what else they could have done - the 80s and 90s WERE the Chuck and Di show.

The two actors who’ve played Prince Philip on the show react to his death.

I’m thinking there is enough for 10 episodes worth. You’ve got the Good Friday Agreement, the UK not joining the euro, the foot and mouth disease outbreak, 9/11 and the UK’s involvement in the invasion of Iraq, then the 7/7 London bombings. Plus, you know that at least one episode seems destined to be dedicated to the Queen Mother and Margaret dying only weeks apart. That’s all roughly in a 10-15 year timeline like most seasons have been.

Those are like the big picture/world stage type stuff. The Inside the palace type stuff is filled to the brim with all sorts of personal Andrew and Harry fuck ups, plus William courting Kate.

Also, side note, it’s very strange that typing in “Queen Elizabeth” in the search field at Wikipedia doesn’t (for me, anyway) bring up Queen Elizabeth II as one of the top 6 suggested results. The Queen Mother is the top hit, followed by the Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner, then the aircraft carrier and then others. The queen, I tell ya, she don’t get no respect.

I suspect googling “the queen” may get you there.