The Dark Side of the Phobos -- DOOM remixed soundtrack

Just here to drop a word that a remix of the entire soundtrack of the videogame DOOM has been released, named The Dark Side of Phobos. It is the effort of a community of volunteers, and doesn’t cost you a single dime to check it out. :smiley:

It’s not your usual 8-bits beeping computer game MIDI music remix. it’s dark, atmosphoric, cinematic and the remixed soundtrack cuts across various genres, such as rock, orchestra and even at times operatic. For instance, track 21 Darkness Dawnings sounds eeriely like something out from Phantom of the Opera. (Yes, it has real vocals too!)

For those who have fond memories of DOOM, I suggest taking a look.

In other, DOOM related news, you can now play Doom on your iPod.

You kids today don’t know how spoiled you are. Back in my day, we could only play songs on our iPod.

And we were grateful!

Well, I’m downloading the whole thing at once via bittorrent. Everyone else should do the same so I can download it faster!:slight_smile:

In a related vein, there was (is?) Doom Music, a commercial CD containing enhanced versions of the original Doom soundtrack. Not sure exactly who Bobby Prince is, but it’s a fave in my CD collection.

I’m checking it out.

Bobby Price was responsible for the music in a couple more of ID Software’s projects, including Commander Keen, IIRC and all sort of other shareware games.