The Death of . . . Blacula! (Wm. Marshall, 1925-2003)

I loved Blacula just because he was in it. Forget the crappy vampire makeup, he was kickass. He would have smacked Gary Oldman around and made Lestat his vampire bitch! And looked damn dignified doing it! He had a great voice…I can only hope somebody somewhere is enjoying it right now, here with us or elsewhere.

:(Prince Manuwalde was also mentioned in Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, which was cool.

As a slight hijack, I don’t know that Boris Karloff could carry a whole book. From what I’ve ever heard, read, or seen of him, he was a rather mild-mannered guy who liked to tend his rose garden. He had back problems from the Frankenstein costume, but that was about the extent of the story, AFAICT. He certainly didn’t lead the sort of life Bela Lugosi did.

True, plnnr, a long, happy life does not a good bio make. Claudette Colbert and Alice Faye are similar problems: no scandals, just nice ladies who went to work, went home, tending their gardens.

R.I.P. Dr. Richard Daystrom,

who at age 24 made the duotronic breakthrough that won him the Nobel and Z-Magnee Prizes.

“Lectures and seminars to rows of fools who couldn’t begin to
understand my systems . . . Colleagues laughing behind my back at the boy wonder and becoming famous building on my work . . . building on my work!!!”

“Destroyed, Kirk? We’re invincible! Look what we’ve done! Your mighty starships - more toys to be crushed as we choose!”