The drama across the street.

The OP has already been given the best possible (unless he/she wishes to take on personal responsibility for “George”.

Contact local County Services/Welfare and advise them of what is happening - and try to convey the sense of urgency.

Unless you have evidence that George is a danger to himself or others, I wouldn’t do anything. It’s almost never a good idea to insert yourself into someone elses drama.

Today’s mail brought a Christmas card from George.

Now, in the 35 years I’ve lived here, he never sent us a Christmas card. And this isn’t some sort of Post Office screwup: the card was mailed two days ago.

Nothing written in it but his first name.

We’re trying to figure if this is his way of saying goodbye, or he is trying to get us on his side just in case.

Huh. That is either creepy or sad.

A lot has happened in the past month.

It looks like they officially evicted George. For awhile, he would come back at night and sneak into the garage by a window.

A couple of weeks ago, they put a dumpster – a big one – in the driveway and started filling it with junk from the garage (which was packed full). George showed up a couple of times to put the stuff back.

I have heard that he does have an attorney to represent him, though I doubt there’s any way George can get the house back. But the attorney can look out for his interests and presumably get him some help.

Yesterday, they filled the dumpster and carted it away. They seemed to have finally cleared out the garage. There’s a new one in its place where they’re taking junk from the house (I heard that at first they couldn’t get the front door open due to the things behind it). The house isn’t very big (it’s listed at 1557 sq. ft.) but they’ll probably fill this dumpster and need another.

Well, that’s sad, but it sure could have been worse. Thank you so much for updating (I love updaters)!