The economics of Walmart's delivery policy

I myself buy motor oil from WM in 5 quart containers, for about $14-$15 or so. So when my wife is looking for something to get her up to free delivery I usually just tell her to throw in a motor oil, which usually does the trick.

How much motor oil do you use??!!1!?? I get through a quart every 4 years or so.

I change my own oil and own 3 vehicles.

That’ll do it. :slight_smile:

Especially if they’re classics with the oil change intervals appropriate to their grizzled old age.

As something like 25% of the vehicles on the road in the states have NO insurance at all, this doesn’t seem to matter much.

This cite says it’s one driver in eight, or around 12.5%.

So, if an uninsured driver in the US damages my car, or injures me, how will the financial consequences be covered.

you hope your insurance pays or you try to sue for damages or your insurance pays out and sues them

if none of that happens your shit outta luck …

In my case they would be covered by the uninsured motorist coverage built in as part of my policy. That’s not mandatory though, and if you don’t have it your only recourse would be to sue the at-fault driver. A lot of people who drive without insurance are what is commonly called judgement-proof, in that they do not have any significant assets and collecting from them is not possible.