The Education System


*I know… You’re correct; I, however, was trying to alchemize (I know… that usually involves chemicals) the word “articulate” into what it would mean regarding message board communication.

I got it and meant to mention it but forgot in my last post. Thanks though…while my semantic two-step may have been off I am glad to know I was in the right arena at least.

Heh… this board is but another circle jerk isn’t it… =/

We’ve got a potential jerk, now who wants to be the circle?


Indulging me?

You brought it up. lol.



Again… instead of telling me what it was… tell him HOW it was (devoid of substance).

Should be easy; being that it is… devoid of substance.



Instead of telling me WHAT is was.

Tell me HOW it is that.

This is getting ridiculous.


To define a problem does not = to define a solution.

This post was merely a recognition of a problem. Nothing more.

Ah wit.

Always comes to that with you people.

No substance.

Just sexy insults.

Whatever works for ya.

If ‘not agreeing’ with O_o equals a circle jerk then I guess so.

What were you expecting? A bunch of “Atta-boys” and “You tell them O_o!”

Clearly you aren’t prepared to defend your assertions or even so much as expand upon and clarify them.

Don’t play with the big dogs if you aren’t prepared to piss in the tall grass.

Ok…the education system in the US has problems.

Congratulations…for a forum called Great Debates I don’t see a debate here (unless someone wishes to chime in that the education system is just fine as it is).

Thread over.

If this was just a rant about the education system, then perhaps The BBQ Pit would be a better forum.

In this forum, we debate stuff. So, what is the assertion that you want to debate? That the education system is bad? That the teachers haven’t lived enough outside in the world? That the education system should focus more on social skills rather than intellectual knowledge? That the university system is a racket?

Obviously, we cannot debate all of these assertions at once. Which one would you like to focus on?


Thank Jebus it doesn’t.


A mental circle jerk.


No; those boards are just as ridiculous.


Should I take it upon my own to just … write more?

I’m merely waiting for questions.


HAHA… there’s that elitism I was waiting for. I knew this forum would be fun.

Does anyone here even LIKE George W. Bush?


Circle jerk.

Amazing how we have about 25 posts here in about an hour.

Crazy, isn’t it?

Do you disagree with anything I’ve said.

If so…


Crazy? Definitely since the debate so far has been over the meaning of ‘blame, articulate and grammar’. Considering the OP was on about the US education system I’d say this ‘debate’ has fallen flat on its face.

I shouldn’t have started or continued the definition debate. However, I did try to steer it back to education on several occasions as have others. If you want to indict teachers then fine. I tried to call you on that and your response was reagrding my use of the word ‘blame’. I asked for clarification or expansion of what you were getting at. You responded to the effect that it isn’t necessary for you to do so.

There is no problem with stating that you don’t like my (or other’s) use of a particular word as you think it misrepresents what you are getting at. This should be followed up with clarification of what exactly it was you were trying to say.

Look at Soup_du_jour’s post and pick something to carry on about if you wish. Otherwise I have a hard time of seeing what you hoped to accomplish with this thread.

Nah…not elitism. I just like that stupid adage and have a bad habit of trying to crowbar it into places it probably doesn’t belong.

As to GWB this board certainly has its liberal leanings and might even be a bit lopsided in that direction but there are plenty of conservatives here as well happy to defend GWB.



Why’d you have to bring it here?


Good man.


Right… It didn’t make sense.

I cannot answer a question that does not make sense.

We can go back to it if you’d like.

I would.

Though… I still have no idea how blame enters the equation.

There was no violation on any part.


You did?


You wanted me to write more?

Just say “write more” next time.

It’s much more concise.

Unless you had a specific question.

If so… what was it?



I did.

Click “edit”… then “find”… then type in “alchemize”.

It’s right there.



How’s that a cloudy motive?


Oh ok… what was I thinking with the phrase: “Don’t play with the big dogs”?

Shouldn’t my stupidity be supported first?

BTW, thank you for the debate… as ridiculous as it has become. You’re a refreshing voice of intellect.

(O_o): I do not believe your assertion without proof. You made a quantifiable statement without providing numbers to show that such statement is factual.

This is false. Those of us in the Linguistics field do take it seriously. Every single register of every single language known has its own grammar and that grammar is different even between different registers of the same language. Just because you have a particular prejudice against the education system doesn’t mean that you actually know what you’re talking about.

p.s. (O_o): Given your incorrect evaluation of what’s involved in a university education, I’d be quite surprised if you had actually attended one. The main difference between a trade school and a university, it seems to be, is that the trade school teaches the student one skill & a university provides a broad education.

Ah, this is what I get for posting at 4 in the morning! Be so kind as to mentally edit “it seems to be” in my posting above to read “it seems to me” so that it reads as I intended it to read.

Since you aren’t my student and don’t report to my school board, I feel safe in saying:

Screw you, punk.

You post in beautiful English that my experience is useless. You spit on the years I spent in college and graduate school studying how to best teach your ungrateful little ass to post so clearly.

You think I don’t live in the ‘real world?’ Kindergarteners believe that their teachers live at the school; first graders are surprised to see their teachers at the grocery store. High school students know that their teachers go home at 4:00 (or 5, or 6) to lives a lot like theirs. I pay my bills, scrape to get by, have fun, have relationships, have trouble and trauma- what on earth do you want?

What do you think the real world is? My life doesn’t count unless I’ve-- what? What experiences do you think are enough for me to be qualified to teach you? What about all the time I spent on the factory assembly line paying for that education you think is so irrelevant? Let me tell you, the folks working there felt the same way as you do about education- that it’s irrelevant, pointless, and that theirs was the ‘real world,’ standing in a grey warehouse putting the lids on ashtrays for years on end. How about the classes I had to take to learn to defend myself from the students who may try to kill me any day I step into my classroom? Is that real enough for you? What about the times I’ve been scared to walk home at night because I thought that might be one of the students I flunked standing in front of my apartment? What about the times it was?

You think most of your teachers had easy lives just because they had the grace not to tell their students about their problems? All of them had problems- you just had a few teachers who told their students about them. The whole world is the real world, kid, and all of it is hard. Your teachers didn’t get an easier trip because of their job. Do you have any idea what the suicide rate is among teachers? Not quite as bad as cops and dentists, but it’s right up there. Did you know how many teachers are driven insane- no, literally insane- by the job? Do you know how many quit before they’re more than a few years into it, because the ‘real world’ is so much easier?

And it isn’t enough that I work and struggle every day and most nights to get you a good education, when the state politicians are making new laws that primarily exist to get them elected but which I then have to incorporate into an already-difficult job. No, but if I manage to get home before 6, I can turn on the news and listen to the media telling the world that it’s my fault that teenagers are taking drugs, beating up old ladies, robbing convenience stores, raping kittens, whatever other stupidity they’re doing that keeps them from even waking up for my class. The downfall of Western Civilization is all right on my head, people tell me, and make sure you get those papers graded on time while you’re keeping kids off drugs, teaching them high moral standards while respecting their individual beliefs, and making them memorize the Constitution so they don’t look ignorant on standardized tests.

And the only reward I get, usually, is punks like you telling me that teachers don’t know anything at all about the ‘real world’ and that their experiences are somehow more ‘real’ than mine are. How you expected me to teach you without spending time in school with you, or why I’m isolated for teaching school while you are not isolated for attending it, are questions which you clearly have answered to your own satisfaction.

FisherQueen you sound just like some of my best teachers.

I think you’re pathetic. Do you think most teachers LIKE the system, with tests reigning over knowledge? Uhh NO. And I doubt they like teaching arrogant jerks like you either.

Damn… sing it, FisherQueen!

Seriously, very well said. My wife (also a teacher) applauded when I finished reading it to her.