The end of masking

You smile inside a Walmart? What is wrong with you?

I smiled at other shoppers while wearing a mask. They often smiled back. Or, as my husband puts it, we smeyeled.

Mask restrictions were lifted here in California on 15th. On this last Sunday I went to Trader Joe’s and saw 100% masking (it must be store policy). Then Nob Hill this evening and I saw maybe 4 masked shoppers out of the whole store. I masked; I’m still not there yet. I did feel self conscious. I know my county’s vaccination rate is 73% so I guess I’ll get over it.

We just travelled from Virginia to Maine and back - and masks were almost nonexistent. As in, we were the odd ones out who wore them at all. Execptions: A couple of kids on the Mt Washington Cog Railway, and everyone riding the buses around Acadia National Park (required, and the bus driver had a box of spares to hand out). She actually yelled at a couple of maskholes who donned the mask to get on, and seemed to think they could remove them as soon as they were seated.