The Fight Against Ignorance Goes Poorly....

Who is “their” in this sentence? The Founding Fathers?

No, Presidents can appropriate the states’ respective National Guard and give them orders directly as commander in chief of the armed forces. AFAIK has no ability whatsoever to issue orders to state governors, on any subject.

Since the first office comes with the latter, that’s a meaningless distinction.

furt’s students.

And in addition to the National Guards, many states have their own state defense forces, for example the Texas State Guard, over which the president has no authority whatsoever, at any time.

One of the little known provisions of the Constitution is that there is always one representative who is up for re-election in odd-year elections. This position rotates among the states, so that there are only 434 representatives up for re-election in most years. However, 2010 is a year that they cycles intersect, so all 435 members will be up for re-election. This won’t occur again until 3011.

Supreme Court voting is on Tuesday. Let’s make our voices heard, America!

Point taken, but IIRC, Skald has of late decided against seeking the position.

That said, I’m on record as reserving my allegiance to the World Domination of OpalCat. Unless she’s going to make us stop eating chocolate-covered peanut butter balls, under whatever name they present themselves.

Now, that was just mean, Dex.

You only say that 'cause you’re scared.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :smiley:

Let the world note that the Resident Commissioner (nonvoting delegate) from Puerto Rico to the House of Representatives, Pedro Pierluisi, serves a four-year term and is not up for reelection in 2010. The cosmological significance of this can hardly be over-stated.

Where is this proviso in the US Constitution? Or is this rule issued by the House? And what state was up for grabs in 2009 and 2011?

Absolutely guarantee that this post will cause someone to start flipping through Art. I, muttering “Where does it say that??”

It’ll be explained in detail in Dex’s next Staff Report. Keep checking the Straight Dope home page.

Sure, it’s easy to predict things after they’ve already happened.



For years, I’ve wondered what a Southern Snipe sounds like…


Don’t you remember all the fuss about New York’s 23rd?

In 2011, it’ll be Kansas’ 4th, in strict accordance with the Lafferty Amendment.

That Mornington Crescent thread was getting to be so limiting, wasn’t it?

What does all this have to do with leading horses up the stairs in a firehouse, but you can’t get 'em back down?

Yes… and I’ve been secretly working on flying monkey repellent. :slight_smile:

“I said fix the darn thing and leave my personal life out of it, okay pal”

Thanks for confirming that my memory of excerpts of songs I haven’t heard in 25 years is still strong…