The First SUV?

Do you have a cite for that? I’ve heard that the first Land Rovers used Willys-Overland parts, but I don’t recall which. I thought it was the chassis, but then I thought that the chassis was welded up by the guy who came up with the Land Rover. I also thought that they used the W-O “Go-Devil” engine, but it turns out that they used a pre-war Rover engine and quickly upgraded it to a more powerful Rover engine. Sheet metal was aluminum (steel being in short supply).

Anyway, I have heard that Land Rover “used Willys parts”; but I haven’t seen any evidence of it. Not that I’m doubting you; I just want to know for sure.

I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of places, but the cite I have handy is Car Wars: Fifty Years of Greed, Treachery, and Skulduggery in the Global Marketplace by Jonathan Mantle. It’s described on pgs 132-133.

Interestingly, it has this to say about the Jeep:

I give you the Mack Manhattan, first made in 1901 but didn’t go into mass production until '04.

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Whoa, Nellie! I thought the Kubelwagen was two-wheel drive.

Actually, I’m not sure if they did or not. It’s the closest thing Germany had to our Jeep so naturally I thought it was what Tucker was referring to.

At least one version of the kubelwagen was 4WD, that was the Type 87 Kommandeurwagen.