The Good Wife (Episode 5-15, "Dramatics, Your Honor") OPEN SPOILERS

Wasn’t there a throwaway line where somebody responds to the statement that LG has nobody in indictment and someone answers, what about Damien? The next line said he wasn’t under indictment but with the inflection that he was some sort of trouble.

The worst character brought in since Kalinda’s husband. Glad to see him written out.

Memo to showrunners: nobody with an accent. Ever.

Personally I think it was nothing more than a plot device so that Kalinda could tell by looking in the curtained off ER bed that Will was the body in there, as opposed to being worked on in the trauma room.

Kalinda’s husband was written out specifically because of viewer feedback. It’s my understanding he was universally hated. I know I hated his character to the point of wanting to fast forward through his scenes. However, I like the character of Damian Boyle (Jason O’Mara).