The Hallmark channel censors the word "butt"

I wonder how Hallmark is going to handle it when they get to the episode titled “Sam Falls Off the Motherfucking Wagon”.

I don’t remember what channel, but these lines from Gangs of New York,Amsterdam Vallon: Would you back an Irish candidate of my chosing…
Boss Tweed: I don’t think so.
Amsterdam Vallon: What if we get you all the Irish votes?
Boss Tweed: Mr. Vallon, that will only happen in the reign of Queen Dick!had “Dick” edited out.

Which was mind numbingly stupid given the next set of lines,
Amsterdam Vallon: Beg your pardon?
Boss Tweed: That means it will never happen.and silly things like Websters Dictionary.

CMC fnord!

Personally, I think there is something wrong with a world where Betty White’s character Rose can’t say “bitch”.

I noticed this last night when they bleeped a bunch of dialog from “Frasier.” Really stupid.

Was it actually the “standard” N-word? I recall once many years ago watching an episode of Little House, and there was a bunch of Klansmen (or maybe general racists) and the word they used was something like “nigra”. It struck me and my friends as quite hilarious, for some reason.

I can imagine it being seen as less bad, but “nigra” is certainly a racial slur. For all_in_wonder - does the Hallmark Channel edit out other racial slurs? I’m kind of surprised they air anything like that at all, but I’ve never watched the channel.

Say what da hoo now? Last I knew, “nigra” was just a regional pronunciation of “negro”, which was at one time a polite word.

Absolutely it’s a racial slur, I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. I was just curious if that’s what was being said in the episode all_in_wonder saw.

I had always assumed this was a regular feature of reairings, as it wasn’t until I was an adult that I remember ever hearing even those mild swears on old shows. For example, I do not remember ever hearing Rose say “bitch,” and I watched Golden Girls a lot (as, for some reason, it was always on before some other show I wanted to watch, and it grew on me.)

Also, I believe the female form of Negro is/was Negress.

And knowing five year-old’s familiarity with the concept of a “butt”, explaining it to them is not an issue either. :wink:

I completely agree with you. They used the N-word in Little House?

I personally have a hard time watching stuff that is edited down. However, a few weeks ago I decided to watch the Scorsese’s movie Taxi Driver on AMC. This was mid-afternoon. I thought it would be edited to pieces. Well, I’m not sure if it was edited at all. I’d seen the film years ago but I can’t be sure if I saw ever single frame. There *was *a lot of hard dialogue unedited. I must admit, I was surprised.

PAX TV presents: The Sopranos (edited for content)

Just how man times did they say nigger on Little House? It certainly wouldn’t be as common as “butt” would be on an 80’s sitcom. And I bet the episode(s) in question had a “racism is bad” message to it that would be undercut by bleeping.

It’s the Hallmark channel, Jake…

I’m watching ‘Cheers’ on Netflix streaming, and I’m surprised to see that they are censoring ‘butt’ here too. But instead of silencing it out, they replace it with ‘whorefucking arse’. Odd.

I think it’s funny that they display your grandmother’s hypersensitivity.