The Helicopter Noise

Only on the SDMB. I love this place. Nice post flight.


Fixed wing pilot here. I was under the impression that the distinctive whop whop of the Huey was due to main rotor / tail rotor wake interaction.

All 2-bladed helos sound a bit that way, but the Huey is in a class by itself.

So is in fact main/tail rotor wake interaction a big issue, or am I misinterpretting the 2 beats / revolution signal, and it’s actually driven by interaction with the freestream or the fuselage or teh engine plume?

You also get a similar sound effect from the CH-47 with it’s tandem 3-bladed rotors, although the beats/rev is (unsurprisingly) 6, not 2.

I love being able to talk to the experts. SDMB is waay cool.

What LSL said.

The sound of a huey is the most recoginised helicopter sound there is and in fact, the movie folks will put it on most any chopper shot if they aren’t being very careful.

I imagine the OP was asking about that famous huey sound and although the info is way cool on helios in general, what is it about the huey that makes it so distinctive?