The indoctrination of Pakistan's population makes a durable peace impossible in South Asia

Well, both. If not for the war, the Nazi ideas would be more widespread, not less.

War at least is an obvious non starter for the purposes I’ve laid out. If anything, it would reinforce the India = enemy perception the propagandists have built. Other options? Dopers - does anyone know of similar situations? It shouldn’t be all that uncommon. Neighbouring countries have often been at odds, and I would expect that propaganda machines would likely make use of school curriculum as means of bringing greater credibility to their nonsense.

Paging Jonah Goldberg’s copyright lawyers!

Heh. Thanks for that link. I thought the Pakistanis had come up with the term, although the word ‘liberal’ in their usage doesn’t have too much in common with the American term.

I think that one of the biggest threats to peace in the region is Pakistans Inter Service Intelligence giving covert assistance to the Afghan Insurgents with training, havens and logistics.

I would not be stunned with amazement if their hands aren’t clean on the subject of terrorist attacks on India.

I don’t think anyone would be stunned. I suppose some people would be surprised if they provided assistance on an official level.

It’s pretty much established fact, and for India it has been since the early 1990’s. The rest of the world only woke up to it when they got affected (not that I blame them). It started with CIA and ISI support to Afghan insurgents in the USSR invasion, then became ISI support to terrorists/insurgents aimed at India from 1989 till now. My reading of it is that it’s only American pressure that makes Pakistan adopt even the semblence of an Anti-Terror posture that they have. The moment the US leaves Afghanistan, my prediction is the Pakistani intelligence establishment, (which firmly believes, and perhaps rightly so, that only their overt support for the American presence is causing attacks in Pakistan) will quickly strike peace deals to prevent bombings etc. happening on their own soil, and one element of these deals will be to again allow and encourage terrorism in Afghanistan and India.
The whole contention of the thread is that the average Pakistani citizen, having been taught hatred of ‘Hindu’ India from childhood will gleefully welcome that state of affairs.