The Jay Leno Show

Got as far as the “Cheaters” segment. Had that same feeling of being embarrassed for someone else. I imagined I could hear TVs clicking off across America.

Wow. That sucked. I lasted until the remote Oprah appearance.

This is what NBC signed up for, 5 nights a week, at 10 pm? Good grief.

It hasn’t been canceled yet? Guess maybe they will give him a full week before axing him.

I was watching a DVD, and this is what popped up when that was over, about 10:45. Was surprised to see Headlines (which is the only reason I’ve ever watched Leno – used to stay up and watch them with a friend [on IM] most Mondays when my schedule was different), but agree that it’s a weak way to end a show.

Theory: Did NBC pay Kanye to pull that shit Sunday as a way of pimping the show?

Kanye West is such a regular guy he would never pull that kind of stuff without being paid!

Did you know they also paid Hugh Grant to go after that hooker?

 If Leno's ratings are not good NBC will pay Amy Winehouse to appear in public looking stoned and drunk right before she appears on the show.

I was greatly underwhelmed.

Ghod, they’ve really thrown Conan under the bus, haven’t they? The guy gets picked to host the Tonight Show, and not only do they not advertise the fact, but NBC spends millions convincing people that they can get a “sort of” Tonight Show at 10pm instead. Either Leno is succesful and people will go elsewhere at 11(“Look! We can watch ‘Tonight Lite’ and Letterman!”), or the show will flop big time and the lead in is gone. The Tonight show is supposed to be a way to relax after the 10pm cop/action shows-two vatriety-type shows in a row will not work, IMHO.

Pretty much my sentiments. He seemed nervous, which is a surprise. I think the show will be fine, though. It is absolutely no different that the Tonight Show and that was a success.

I set my DVR to record it each night, and delete the previous one if I have not watched it.

I am always looking for something to watch in the 10/9C hour, so I figure I will watch his monologue and then delete the rest unless the guest interests me.

Finally, I liked the car wash song. Sure, it was cheesey, but there were a few laugh out loud moments in it. “I’m not a car wash whore!” We aren’t talking comedy gold, but a nice chuckle before bed is always welcome.

The car wash bit is a perfect example of the “Jay Leno touch,” where the comedy is safer than it should be. It would have been pretty funny if the woman had been a genuine car wash customer (if she wasn’t an actress, then she was tranquilized), and if the singing had been done all at once, rather than edited together from carefully blocked shots. The Dan Band is a live act, for god’s sake, and that’s probably the least spontaneous he’s ever been (and that includes his movie appearances).

I don’t see a whole lot of differences between any of the late night hosts. They all have skits they repeat as well as new skits but I find it interesting that some people seem to really like one guy and really dislike the others.

In particular some Letterman fans almost foam at the mouth when talking about Leno. Are they still ticked off 17 years after Dave got denied the Tonight Show? Last I heard Letterman made more than Leno and his ratings were lower, he must have a real good agent.

I used to despise Jay Leno but he seemed to have more energy than usual. He didn’t quite offend me as much with his blandness as he did on his old show. On the other hand, I used to love Conan, but on his new show, he seems serious and grumpy to me. In either case, there’s no real incentive to tune in.

I’m pretty sure that was a real customer. She looked very much like she didn’t know what to do.

I pretty much agree with the sentiments in this thread. It wasn’t great. Five nights a week is too much. Leno looks old. It’s really just another Tonight Show. I don’t think it will hurt Conan too much, because I don’t think people will want to watch that early. It may have better luck on the coasts where talk shows are way too late IMO.

Was the first show mediocre? Yes. Is the first show always mediocre? Hell, yeah. The first Conan Tonight show and the first Jimmy Fallon show were mediocre or worse.

Comedy shows are about timing. They need experience to fall into the rhythms. I don’t think Craig Ferguson had his rhythms down the first night, ether. The first SNL has passed into legend, but it was a mediocre show that didn’t even have the format locked down.

Leno may never fall into the proper rhythm. And people who don’t watch television at all aren’t likely to tune in just to see him. (How isn’t that threadshitting?) He’s relying on star names way too much for this week. Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t been funny for the last decade. Oprah has no sense of humor. The Dan guy went on too long. Kanye West might bring some ratings but as a guest he was as much a stiff as legendary stiff Robert DeNiro. And they had to cut Headlines short because of his interview, the real pity.

I know everybody wants to make their final judgments from the first show, and some people will never turn in again. But it doesn’t work that way for daily entertainment. People will start tuning in (or not) because of word of mouth. Leno supposedly has a two-year firm contract (hah) and NBC will certainly keep him around for a full year because he’ll put up good numbers against reruns next summer.

The overnights were good:

You’d expect that, and expect that they will drop in half in a week or so. Still, that’s a huge increase over the finals of a big reality show. The demographics will be out later today. A 6 rating year-round will fulfill all NBC’s fantasies. They don’t care if you, you, and you don’t watch.

Both Leno and O’Brien were on shaky ground for about a year when they started their previous shows.

NBC even went so far as to offer the Tonight show job to Letterman after Leno had been on for about 6 months. They could never agree on a deal so Leno kept the job.

Yeah, something comfortable to end the day with.

The thing is, there’s no real incentive to watch any variety/talk show. If something interesting happens, it’ll be on YouTube. Are people going to sit for an hour to catch a favorite musical guest or comedian?

Are talk shows “appointment TV” for anyone?

You and this guy must be good friends.

I’m not sure that’s fair. Letterman was personally offended and in an impossible situation at that point. Take Leno’s job and be the bad guy or look elsewhere? I think he made the right decision even if Leno trounced him in the ratings.

re the show - I haven’t watched Leno in years and he hasn’t changed. Really middle-of-the-road humor throughout. And those close-ups during the 'Obama interview" Whoa! He’s… not got a face for close-ups.

I thought it was about like the Tonight show. I thought there was supposed to be car stuff? What happened to having the guests drive a circuit?

I was watching with the sound turned down when Jay asked Kanye what his (recently deceased) mother would have thought about his VMA stunt. There was like 10 seconds of silence from Kanye, he was just looking down at the floor. I had to rewind my Tivo to see what the hell Jay had asked him.

Here are the demographics. Surprisingly good. I’m assuming they will be cut in half over the long run, but even at half they still hold up.

If those numbers hold up 52 weeks a year, NBC will cheer. Big if, of course.

I wonder how many people watch the 11:30 shows on DVR vs watching live? Or even 10 PM shows? Somebody has probably figured that out.

My favorite thing about my DVR is it takes me 45 minutes to watch an hour show since I skip the ads.