The Jenny Crank Diet – How NOT to loose weight

Coffee is a mild form of speed. Coffee drinkers actually lose a little weight from the extra metabolism speed it gives.

Same with smoking.

Speed is just stronger & more direct.

That reminds me of a commercial I saw that just about grossed me out. It was for that new fat blocker drug, that you take and it doesn’t let your body absorb the fat. In other words, about 33% of the fat goes in one end and comes out the other. If you see this commercial, listen to the side-effects if you dare. They include something to the effect of “may cause gas with oily discharge” and “may increase the frequency of bowel movements and decrease the ability to control them” YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK

I think if I were desperate enough to suffer those side-effects I would just cut one third of the fat out of my diet and not have to worry about wearing Depends.

voltaire, we talked about that before. It’s Olean. Its okay some of us could eat it okay, others, well, lets not get into details. ANyway, try a can of Pringles no=fat & see what happens, then report to us.

Most people lose/gain weight if a major relationship changes in their life.

No, Olean is basically a fat substitute. It has been said to cause diahhrea, and inhibit the absorbtion of certain vitamins. Not quite as bad as what Voltaire described, but you won’t catch me eating that.

The stuff from health food stores is no safer than other drugs. Often the potency varies from lot to lot. The FDA has no control over those products until a few people drop dead. With new products put out by health food companies, you are the guinea pig.

chemicals are chemicals, no matter where the source

Isn’t the prescription med, Redux, an example of that “fat blocker”? Anal-leakage isn’t my idea of losing weight.

I’ve personally tried Xenadrine, which contains Ephedra. You start by taking 1 pill twice a day for the first week, to get used to the effects, then up it to 2 pills twice a day. It definately worked. I lost 4 pounds (of water, I’m sure) in the first three days, but I couldn’t stand being on it for more than three weeks. It made me cranky, cranky, cranky (pardon the pun). I was irritated at every little thing and for no reason at all, sometimes. I hated feeling like that, so I stopped taking it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, especially if I had to work or live with them.

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