The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer]

Yeah, there is that trade-off, and you’re probably right that “excitement” is worth more than a few tens of thousands of dollars.

But of course excitement isn’t guaranteed even when the payouts are $100,000 per night.

There’s probably a way to create a mathematical formula using ratings and payouts, given all the years of data that could be used…

I can’t believe none of them knew who wrote “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

And did that 3rd contestant really say “Job” with a short “o”?

Yep, Job with a short “o”, followed by the first contestant saying Job with a long “o”. Both were incorrect.

The clue was:

I thought “occupational” was a reference to Job, as well.

The lady who guessed “Job” with a short “o” sounded hesitant–I figured she knew the name was pronounced with a long “o,” but felt like maybe she should say “job” because of the “occupational” clue.

It wasn’t a terrible guess, but if you also know your Bible, you know that Gideon’s story is in the book of Judges.

I didn’t know that. I’ve heard the title, but never read the book. I don’t recall ever hearing the name of that author.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court final jeopardy question was a snap for me, but I could see it being pretty obscure to others.

And how about Garanimals? That was fun. But if you didn’t live through that era, no way you’d come up with that one.

And don’t younger (than me) people know Ferdinand the Bull? Even Mayim was surprised.

I was surprised by that too. On the other hand, I don’t recall ever reading that book to my kids (1990s), although it was certainly read to me as a child. Maybe the Hungry Caterpillar, Good Night Moon, and the like have replaced the classics. Remember Make Way for Ducklings?

There was a Ferdinand the Bull movie 3 years ago that made money and got nominated for an Oscar and some Golden Globes - so that was a surprising missed answer.

I was pleasantly surprised with Mayim Bialik as guest host for the past two weeks. I thought she did a great job.

Next up is Savannah Guthrie, for episodes aired from June 14 through June 25.

Future guest host schedule:

Sanjay Gupta, June 28 - July 9
George Stephanopoulos, July 12 - July 16
Robin Roberts, July 19 - July 23
LeVar Burton, July 26 - July 30
David Faber, August 2 - August 6
Joe Buck, August 9 - August 13

I don’t remember which show(s) they were, but I was surprised no one got either “Walter Reed” or “Enclave.”

CORRECTION: “Enclave” wasn’t a triple stumper, but two of the three contestants didn’t get it.