The Jeopardy thread [was James Holzhauer]

In my observing, Charlotte’s Web is by far the most repeated FJ subject.

Starting with the time the category was “Children’s Literature”, and I guess CW just from the subject (correctly!).

There’s a radio quiz show called Says You, and I still remember a round they did of cryptic heads of state. The clue was “get the most money for that collie”, and as soon as I figured it out I just started groaning.

They always say that spelling doesn’t count (except when it does).

The former champ’s answer of “Sondheim” for the composer of Cats got the biggest eye roll and “Come on!!” from me. I can’t believe that clue was a triple stumper.

Oh god, this.

I could not have told you the composer for Cats. Was reasonably certain it was not Mel Brooks, but otherwise nada.

I can top that. My wife and I always take a wild guess when they show the Final Jeopardy category before they cut away to the commercial. I immediately guessed Haile Selassie as he popped right into my head. I love it when that happens!

How many other African monarchs can you think of?

Idi Amin?

No, he was King of Scotland. :grin:

I can believe it…but I also watched the 2013 episode with the category “Broadway Lyrics,” where all five clues were triple stumpers. (In fact, no one even rang in.)

Almost everyone has gaps in their knowledge. I would think Broadway musicals wouldn’t be that uncommon of such a gap. I certainly know next to nothing about them.

That’s why I got it!

He actually crossed my mind later but he had roughly 4846 titles in his name I’m not sure one of them was emperor.

Strictly speaking, he was a dictator. No more a monarch than Mussolini was.

The current champion phrases every question as “What is …” regardless of whether the question is a Who, What, or Whatever (ie, “What is Faulkner?”) – and it bugs the crap out of me.

Yes! I was going to come here to post this.

But man, what a player! $80,000 in two days!

In the UK version (is it still on?), you had to use the correct form of the pronoun and verb, at least in the beginning.

It’s funny to watch the Russian version (yes, there is one). They don’t even phrase the response in the form of a question.

Do the Pharaohs count?

Strictly speaking, I guess they do. But that’s not the first thing that comes to my mind.

How about Emperor Bokassa?