The KKK in the 1960s

I do not find the claim of Klan in full regalia believable, (robes get in the way when one is trying to flail away on someone at a lunch counter and no Klansman wants mustard splattered on his dingy white robe, there are rather few references to the Klan involved in the sit-in violence, and in the one really violent event where they are known to have been involved, Jacksonville, FL, they were not robed).
However, attacking whites particularly college kids–generally considered “outside agitators”–was not in any way unusual. Joe Clueless from the North or West might sit down by himself at a colored section and simply be told that he was in the wrong place and he had to move. A group of college kids sitting down in what was clearly the wrong section would have elicited a much more violent reaction.

I guess I am going to go ahead and believe my professor, because I’m thinking that the group’s deliberate intent to sit in the wrong section probably would get them harassed like has been said. Maybe over the years the story has just been embellished a little.

Again, thanks for the insight everyone. Interesting responses and very educational.

What a bunch of other people said – a violent reaction is likely, but the odds are against the Klan actually showing up in their dunce caps and muumuus.

How old is this professor? We’re talking nearly half-a-century ago, and he was a college student then.

So he would be in his 60s now. What is the problem?

Close to 70, or over unless he was a prodigy. But his age is credible.