The Ladies of Missalonghi/The Blue Castle Book Discussion

Yes, and doesn’t Anne herself give up money when she decides to marry Gilbert and not that other guy she was engaged to while she was in college? (Can’t think of that guy’s name, but I think he came from a wealthy family.)

No, that part of the plot, where Valancy goes to take care of his pregnant daughter who is a “fallen woman” is not part of Ladies. I’m thinking that since it was Valancy’s sort of statement of independence, it wasn’t needed in addition to the plot to “overthrow” the men, which was Missy’s similar statement.

P.S. I’m glad you are enjoying the thread. Tell me, were you aware of the supposed similarity in the books when you read them? If not, did you notice it?

Roy, I think? Maybe it was even short for Royal? But yes, I do seem to recall that he was quite wealthy.

Maybe you’re right about the age difference and the cynicism. I guess I find it hard to reconcile the romantic part and the lying part. But you’re right, I’m not her generation–I’m 34.

If she was trying to make some kind of feminist comment, Missy maintaining her lie to stay with John undermines it (not to mention Una’s message to Missy at the end). What kind of independent feminist lies to stay with a man?

I think the problem I have with Ladies is that it’s not any particular genre. Seriously, if it wasn’t a parody McCullough must’ve been ON something when she wrote it. Most parts of it read like a Montgomery novel, and then all of a sudden Missy starts swearing like a sailor or John thinks really vulgar thoughts, and it’s just really jarring. And I’m not even sure what the point of the story is. So Missy is empowered in the end, and empowers her mother and aunts, but when all is said and done needs to lie to a man to stay with him and have her happily ever after. I dunno, it’s just weird. Maybe I’m taking the story too seriously.

ETA: Roy Gardiner, I think his name was.

I wasn’t aware, and I did notice it, and wondered what the heck was going on. Then I heard about MCullough’s explanation (read *Blue Castle very young, didn’t inted plagiarism) and thought it was weird but mostly bought it. Now, I’m not sure.