The Leftovers - I don't understand the praise [Open Spoilers]

Amusingly enough I just read Alan Sepinwall’s Top 50 shows of the 2010s this morning. #1 was… The Leftovers. I’d put it in the top 5 of the decade myself.

So, it’s interesting to see the vastly different reactions to it.

Watching this now, S1E7 is where I am at, and I am really enjoying it, especially the character of Nora Dunn. Have no idea where it’s going, this thread has been pretty vague, and am looking forward to this short journey.

I couldn’t stand the Smoker cult, had to stop watching.

Can someone tell me what happened to the 2%, was that ever solved.

Oh, it doesn’t get explained, I know that already. Don’t need it explained- I prefer character-driven dramas, so the disappearance is merely backdrop and setting.

The Leftovers made me a Carrie Coon fan. She’s terrific in that role.

Indeed she is.

I guess what I liked most about Leftovers is that I never really even suspected what was going to happen next. Having an unusual premise like that really opened up the possibilities for the showrunners/writers.

(Nora Durst.)

Plus the premise is super spooky to me. I get that it isn’t for everyone (it wasn’t for my wife, for example, but she still enjoyed the show).

Sometimes the world looks perfect–nothing to rearrange.

As far as complaints about the smoking, the Guilty Remnant are supposed to be villains. Sympathetic villains, but still. Liv Tyler’s character in particular wasn’t a good person before Oct. 14th.

If anything, the series underplayed what would really happen should such an event take place. I think IRL people would be far more nuts. It’s something considered supernatural that actually happened and affected everyone. And could happen again at any time. So people kvetching about smoking, perhaps the deeper implications of such a scenario aren’t in your pondering wheelhouse.

I think you mean Nora Durst. Nora Dunn was an SNL cast member back in the day.

I just finished S1 and this may be the most beautiful TV show I’ve seen. And don’t make me define ‘beautiful’ in the context of this show, I just know that is the word I meant. The last 3 episodes were some of the most wrenching hours of television I experienced, and I’m thrilled to have this experience.

Man, you’re going to love Season 2 then.

Glad you liked it. And it gets even better. One of the best TV series I’ve ever seen.

So, in S2E2, the scene where Kevin and his Dad are walking, in the background, very softly, they are playing Mozart’s @K364, 1st movement, one of my favorite pieces of all time.

As Mozart is one of our civilization’s touchpoints for ‘beauty’, and K364 is considered one of his loveliest works, I felt the selection was very apropos given my comment above.

It’s transcendent. I’m sad for the people who don’t get it, and thrilled every time someone new watches and appreciates it for what it is. No other show has affected me they way The Leftovers did (and still does). Welcome to the fold. :slightly_smiling_face:

After what’s happened during Covid, yeah, I think things would get much weirder than The Leftovers showed.

Completely agreed.

Oh, and wait until S2, Ep8. It is my favorite ever episode of television.

I would say the last five minutes of S2 Ep7 was one of the great endings of an episode of any drama.

My best ending award is S2 Ep10.

(and this is not to say S3 isn’t great, but the last 5 eps of S2 are incredible)