The moral standards of Wikileaks' critics

The keywords are “Assange” and “regarded by him”.
Today it is Assange and tomorrow it’s Rodriguez and the next day it’s Cheng. Wikileaks is not a monopoly.
Regarded by him” means that if he does consider it you’re screwed.

No I’m with you, I’m afraid of unknown Mexicans and Chinese too. Who knows what the hell they’ll do?! But I must go now, back to the bunker as the light fades.

Are you saying the Chinese and Mexicans can’t do it?
Won’t do it?
Nobody else can? Assange is some sort of magician with unique access?

Yeah, you’ve been in the bunker too long.

No you don’t get it. I’m fully with you, not against you!

I’m 100% against unknown people doing things they haven’t done yet.