The morality of killing

Suppose I had a time machine and could go back to Austria when Hitler was an infant. Would I kill him if I could? You better believe I would. No pass because he is an innocent infant.

It seems to me from your explanation that your ultimate justification for murdering another person is saving over lives. It’s not really about the property. If someone asked you why you found the murder justifiable, you’d say because it saved lives, yes?

While we’re here, I find it odd that the sum of the percentage of votes for the first and second options isn’t closer to 100. One would think that of the people who think murder can ever be justifiable (not an unreasonable stance at all) would agree on the second option, but here we are.

Since I’m in a nitpicking mood, a legally justified killing is not ‘murder’. I can conceive of a few circumstances when actual murder might be justified, though I think they would be situations when the legal system did not believe what the killer claimed for justification.

Name a piece of property that’s more valuable than a human life.

Anything I own, down to my box of paperclips, is more valuable than the life of the criminal who attempts to take them.

I’m a generous guy with my paperclips, but I see litle wrong with humanity that can’t be cured by a thorough culling.

The big reason I don’t actively favor such an action is I know for sure that given human nature, the exact wrong people will get to be the decision makers. Namely the agressive jerks, not the humble civic-minded thoughtful cooperators.

Cooperation is Socialism!

Fuck it. NM.


For any given human and any given property, infinite possibilities.

I think I might kill someone who was about to kill my cat.

I probably wouldn’t think about it in terms of which like is more valuable, but more the idea that someone who would abuse and kill another person’s pet, and mine in particular, is a scumbag not worth any consideration. Seems an unlikely scenario, though, :stuck_out_tongue:

I would kill to protect a pet too, but not an inanimate object. That’s just sociopathic.

Well, there are a few. I can absolutely see killing someone to prevent them from stealing, or setting off, a nuclear weapon. I can see killing someone who was about to get hold of a gun if I thought they planned to kill someone with it. Or killing someone who was about to steal a vaccine that might otherwise save a bunch of lives. Of course, indirectly all this is still about saving other lives, isn’t it?

A thief can have my paperclips. My Swingline stapler, though…

Then you won’t mind if I come over and burn your house down?

Burning a house down is not comparable to just stealing something. Arson actually endangers lives. I have a wife, three children and several pets in my house.

I also didn’t say I “wouldn’t mind” if someone stole from me. I said I wouldn’t kill them.

Oh, so the victim is also the potential perp then. Got it, I just couldn’t get my brain wrapped around the juxtaposition of the two different concepts being the same person. Yeesh! thanks :smiley: