The Muppets Go To Hell

*It’s not easy,

being damned…*

The late Jim Henson initiated the sale to Disney. He thought it would be the perfect place for them. The deal only feel thru when he suddenly died.

The rights to the Sesame Street characters are retained by CTW (Children’s Television Workshop) and not part of the deal.

Listen, you’re coming real close to a Pitting if you keep spouting off complete nonsense like this. We get it. You hate Disney with a passion. Just stop saying moronic things like the above.

The so-called Evil Mouse can have an edge. That’s why they spun off Buena Vista and Touchstone and acquired Miramax pictures to do PG and R movies too edgy for the Disney ‘G’ trademark. Since the muppet team will still be doing the creative work, there’s no reason to believe that Disney will de-edge the humor. Were the Pixar movies de-edged by the Disney touch?

For pete’s sake, even in Disney’s “The Lion King” we had a father die, and the hero helped out by an obviously gay couple. And that’s with the Disney brand.

And the Muppet 3-D, which has been mentioned many times as an example that Disney and muppets can get along just fine is the biggest rebuttal of your absurd claim that Disney will take away the muppet edge. Break down, buy a Disney-MGM ticket and go see it, and switch to decaffienated.


So do I. Many people like to cite his articles, but every time I’ve tried to read them they just annoy me. Either he’s a very irritating person in real life, or he’s just a really bad writer - something is making me dislike him.

Wow. I’ve read some slash fiction in my time (ask me about the Finding Nemo stories sometime – I dare you.), but…god damn. I never thought of it that way. Timon, he’s so little! But then again, he’s Nathan Lane! My whole worldview is kind of shaky now…

Re: Muppets, I’ll wait and see. Recent Henson collaborations, like the one that led to the Odyssey Network have lacked oomph; I’m interested in what will come out of a deal with real money behind it.

Disney just loves to kill parents. Or have them dead before the movie begins.

I am shocked that we haven’t seen Bambi II: The Revenge.

You are so wrong about this. The parks aren’t kidding when they say its the happiest place on earth. Its awesomely, impossibly fun to go there; and there’s new stuff and old favorites for every visit.

And it’s surprisingly cheap, if you plan right.

My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

So…who do you think is the pitcher and who’s the catcher?

Nutty Bunny, *Shrek * was not a Disney movie. It was from Dreamworks.

Nor is it uncommon for people to say the Pope is Catholic, or he lives in the Vatican, or both.

Disney have produced nothing but total dreck for a decade and more now, and no amount of nostalgia for the days when they made good movies will change that. Roy Disney regrets turning the company over to Michael “Animation AIDS” Eisner and his scum-sucking moneygrubbers with every breath he draws.

I’m suprised that no one has noticed publicy that one of the major characters of the most popular traditionaly animated toon disney has had recently is a male crossdresser who “likes it” and has at least one or two gags with lilos older sister over either stealing her clothes or its attempt to buy/wear womens clothing in the episodes of the series

As for the op maybe they can go back to making the good muppete movies like treasure island amd christmas charol and less dreck like muppets in space and weak tv shows

I totally agree, but unfortunately, some people are so dead-set in their ways that they’re oblivious to what they’re missing out on.

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Anyone remember the “NBC Bookmobile” bit on Letterman, back when he was on NBC? They showed a book called The Muppets All Die And Go To Hell. I would guess that was around 1984 or so – it appears in Late Night With David Letterman - The Book.

Eerie premonition or meaningless coincidence? You be the judge.

Why does this not intice me?

I like being happy just as much as the next guy, but I’ve seen home videos of friends who went. It’s so horribly sweet and nice I’m afraid I’ll get diabetes if I go.

I’ll pass, thank you.

And since Ukelele Ike was so kind to move this thread,

I fucking hate Disney!

“The evil rat will squeeze the life out of the muppet franchise through overexposure in lame spin offs.”

Two words for ya: Muppet Babies

Not scary enough? Try this: Pizza commercials with Jessica Simpson.

Now, who’s up for claiming that Disney will cheapen the franchise?

Muppet Babies DID suck, I’ll give you that, but that’s just one. Just wait til ole Diz gets a hold of them.

I can only I don’t see either of the following:

  1. A Muppetized version of Mickey or Donald (or any of the others).
  2. A cartoonized version of Kermit and company.

I definitely will go mental if I see characters from both franchises cavorting together onscreen.

I said dilute, not cheapen, BTW.

I cringe when I see the Muppets in commercials, too, but if Snoopy can sell insurance…

When I first saw this I thought it would be about Dr Feel (aka Dr Phil) on Sesame Street…

I will refrain from making a decision about this deal until I see what happens with it. They may suck the life out of the Muppets, they may even do some good things. We shall see which in the fullness of time.

Even if they produce something good, enjoying it will be like accepting blood money.

As far as Disney taking the edge off of the Muppets … ever see “Runaway Brain?”

But sadly, what will probably happen is that you won’t see the live-action muppets anymore but CGI muppets. That’s the direction they’re going.