The Never Ending LDS Slam-Fest, or why Fighting Ignorance doesn't apply equally here.

Nope. I wrote a thread attacking the Bishops who decided to take a pass on rape. You fucking put words in my mouth, you better be damned sure they’re words I SAID. Seems to me that an Administrator has written instructions that sit at the head of EVERY SINGLE SDMB BOARD, reminding us all not to mis quote. You might just want to peruse that post once again, before you accuse me of attacking lay Catholics, m’kay?

You show me where I condemned lay Catholics. Go ahead. You fucking liar you. I attacked the rapist Priests, and the Corporation that protects them, decade in and decade out. You don’t like that? Tough. Not ONCE HAVE I EVER attacked or spoken poorly of a lay Catholic.

C’mon, you lying fuck, show the cite where I did so. How dare you? You love a pile-on that much, that you have to lie? Where did I go after lay Catholics???

Nice trowel full of shit, pity none of it stuck. Next time you wanna rant against me, you better fucking make sure that every single word is spot on accurate. You said,

. I do believe you owe me an apology.
Squish, I chose those threads because each one has examples of meanspirited behavior, or outright lies. I didn’t chose them because the OP or main thrust was Anti-LDS. I used those examples to show that there is an atmosphere of lax discipline when LDS are attacked. I didn’t mean to imply , or state outright, that every one of those threads was blatantly anti-LDS.

grienspace, it isn’t a fucking fourth grade popularity contest. I write what I wish, and back it up as best as I can. I don’t give a flying fuck who I measure up to, or do not measure up to.

All right, I gotta come out with this.

Cartooniverse, I can tell that you’re a very intelligent person, and I admire the stance you’re taking against stereotyping and unjustified discrimination. However, I sometimes get the impression that you’re just the least bit hyper-sensitive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing–it’s far better this way than that you be too insensitive–but do you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, you’re a little quick to take it to the pit? I think the others were right, that you are kinda overreacting.

This was the purpose of my earlier comment, that you should direct these energies towards providing information. There’s an old proverb that I’m sure you’ve heard: “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” You obviously know a lot, and other people who don’t know so much would benefit more from information than a pit thread. I really think you’d be doing more to help your cause.

Anyway, those are my two cents. Take it as you will, flame me if need be, but please at least listen.

You are correct about only one thing here, guin and I have to admit it publicly.

I did indeed start the thread you linked to. That’s about it, though.

I didn’t quote you at all, dickweed. Okay, I made a mistake-no, you weren’t condemning the lay Catholics. However, you sure as hell showed that you obviously have a stick up your ass about admitting you’re wrong.

You condemned the bishops for asking for FORGIVENESS. When we pointed out to you that the concept of forgiveness is sacred to the Catholic faith, you simply decided to show your ass.
Tomndebb more than tore your argument to shreds, but you kept on going.
Once again-you can dish it out, but you sure as hell can’t take it.

Seriously, chill out Cartooniverse. I rarely notice trends among posters, but it’s become clear that you start pit threads for just about goddamned nothing.

Well, as an EX-LDS-Member-Now-Atheist-With-Issues, I have to agree 100% with Cartoonverse…he has a point. I’ve noticed it since day 1 here, but I figured I was just extra sensative, since hey, they were talking about ME. Now that I’ve been here for 2 years and have some perspective, I still think he has a point, and that there is a level of LDS-bashing that, while not overt, can make people uncomfortable.

Sure I can. Tomndebb offered his P.O.V., I offered mine. We disagree. I can sleep at night with that concept.

Aside from that remark, I’ve zero interest in continuing your hijack.

If I couldn’t take it, I wouldn’t have started this thread. I felt, and feel passionately about the O.P., and so started it.

Nice attempt to discredit me by attacking a thread I wrote about protecting child rapists, though. I felt that THAT practice was also Pit-Worthy. :mad:

sorry cartooniverse , but I wasn’t criticizing. you. My peeve is that you’re getting flamed for “over-sensitivity” in the pit of all places while Collounsbury carries on similarly and fequently in GD with nary an admonition directed at him from anyone though tacit admission of his inappropriatness is conceded. Hey, it isn’t your fight, I should have held my tongue. (fingers rather)

I promise to give up my Polygamy Porter t-shirt (Motto - “Bring Some Home for the Wives!”) just as soon as the Mormon church gives up control of Utah’s liqour laws.

Practicing member of the LDS faith and I think Pepper’s words pretty much sum up my thoughts and feelings on the matter too. (Although I’ve only been here just over a year, not two.)

’toon, you’re definitely being a bit oversensitive there. I’ve looked at your links, and I hardly see anything resembling a pattern of being harder on Mormons than any other religion.

In your first thread, there are a couple negative comments about Mormon missionaries. Rude, but hardly persecution.

In the second thread, there are a couple benign observations about Mormon missionaries. Definitely nothing to get worked up about.

The third thread is nothing more than a “You Mormons are all going to hell!” witnessing in GD. Whatever. Replace “Mormons” with any other religious group, or atheists or agnostics, and you’ll find dozens of examples of the same stupid sentiment.

The fourth is a Mormon witnessing thread. Sorry, but if you witness in GD, you are going to be challenged, quite strenuously. There’s not much of a “live and let live with silly ideas” spirit 'round those parts. Again, nothing particular to Mormons.

And at that point, I’m going to call it quits. My point is that while there’s certainly some anti-Mormon sentiment around here from time to time, it’s no worse than for any other religion, and significantly better than Islam has had it for the last ten months.

I would have to say that that Cartooniverse sounds more and more like he’s on track. Not one Mormon and/or ex Mormon is prepared to disagree with him, and just above we have a quote from one of the more respected members of this board who essentially says the Mormonism is a silly religion. I am not surprised.

It’s true, Mormonism does get a bad reputation. This is largely due to the fact that it has a lot of practices that are different from those of society at large. But I maintain that the answer is education, not flames.

And that’s not how I read minty’s post. The “live and let live with silly ideas” part wasn’t meant to imply that Mormonism is a silly idea, but rather that the doper community likes to analyze an idea very much before accepting it, and if they find it to be silly, they toss it out. It’s just an explanation for why anyone witnessing would be grilled–we want to know not only what they believe, but why they believe it, and if they realize its implications.

Relax, grienspace. I’m an atheist, so they’re all silly to me. Again, no particular animosity to Mormonism there. I’d be happy to point out silly aspects of any religion you’d care to name. I’d also point out that what I meant was “ideas considered silly by others” in that quote, not that there was anything uniquely silly about the LDS church.

Ya know what, 'Toon? I agree with you. I think a lot of people bash on Mormons on this board. I think some of them have been given a pass when they should not have been.
But your OP was not about them. It was about GuanoLad’s thread.

I understand, it’s not that thread by itself that’s got you going, it’s just the straw that broke the dromedary and all . . . but I still thik you’re being a little harsh on the GuanoLad OP.

Well, I think it’s just a bad case of DQ, and far be it from me to attemtp to interfere any further.

I have nothing to offer this discussion except to say that when I once told someone I was a Unitarian Universalist, they looked at me completely straight-faced and asked, “Don’t you worship trees?”

And the fight against ignorance… marches on!

[sub]Eat Snakysmores.[/sub]


He sure as hell isn’t! Cartooniverse has a nice side.

Seriously, Cartooniverse, this isn’t the first time you’ve flown off the handle over a perceived injustice. I know of two that were lost in TWOMC (the “shelf-butt” question in GQ and someone asking “were the Yates members of LDS?” on the temp board).

Try to relax a little, or you’ll end up giving yourself a stroke the next time someone uses the word “niggardly”.

Er. I just discovered this thread right now.

Didn’t I semi-apologise in my own thread of how I came across in my OP?


I did perhaps word it wrong, but I wasn’t anti-anybody. I was asking a GQ. It was answered quite satisfactorily. I felt a little embarrassed about how it came across, so kind of backtracked a bit.

It was actually intended as a genuine query.

Sorry I upset you - but really, I think you’re overreacting a bit.