The Next Iron Chef

Zacharian’s head would be in the way.

I dont’ know why, but I like Chef Mehta. He is the type of person I usually hate, but something about him intrigues me.

I think Mehta got screwed last time when he was a final contender and they chose… beef. He’s a vegetarian, or at the very least isn’t as familiar with red meat as the others. For this reason, he still shouldn’t win. But this year he seems like more of an ass than last time. His website practically screams, “Hello, I’m a giant douchebag.”

A female should have won last time and one will this time. I’m for Freitag. Alex bosses her own boss (Iron Chef Zacharian) around and although I usually want to punch her in the face, she’s come around a lot (I hated Zacharian at first but now I love him), but it’s either Faulkner or Freitag.

Actually it should be Anne Burrell but she isn’t participating.

I don’t think he is a vegetarian at all. He’s a Parsi and the only food restrictions they seem to have are dictates against gluttony or fasting. A quick search turns up recipes on the web for his beef kebabs and the fact that he served beef tartare with a guacamole sorbet at one of his restaurants. I even turned up a quoted snippet where he chided folks for thinking everyone from India is a vegetarian.

I agree that he seems to be a douche, though ;).

I think it’s pretty clear that the final four will be Mehta, Snarkaschelli, Faulkner, and Freitag. Marcel shoulda been gone ages ago - he’s my redshirt. I’m really pulling for Freitag, but I think she’ll get beat out by Alex or Liz. Mehta is indeed an ass - I think they have him (along with Marcel) for the conflict.

Anne Burrell was eliminated, damn it. And I haven’t had any respect for Alex since I saw her on a (IIRC) Thanksgiving episode of Iron Chef, and she did not know how to make mashed potatoes. Waxy type potatoes + food processor = glue. :rolleyes:

I used to think Elizabeth was just a big cake weirdo from seeing her on some of the cake challenges, but after watching her on Next Iron Chef from last season, I think she would be an awesome Iron Chef!

Marcel and Spike are still in rompers compared to the rest of the chefs. I remember both of them from “Top Chef” and “Top Chef: All Stars.” Spike is talented with meat, and can do a decent job of butchering.

Marcel was the douche of his two seasons with Top Chef. He’s still a douche, and has almost NO people skills at all.

If you want to know who was in the bottom for December 2, view the spoiler.

[spoiler]Appleman versus Falkner. Appleman won.

Falkner had the advantage of choosing one person that would be in the bottom. The way Anne Burrell did last season. Like Anne Burrell last season, the judges placed Falkner in the bottom and she was ironically eliminated by the person she chose to send straight to the final challenge[/spoiler]

Eh, I am not disappointed. The chef who left had a bad habit of always thinking the judges were wrong if they had anything negative to say. Not an attractive quality.

Completely true.

I’m disappointed, but must admit she was starting to lose me with her whining.

In this particular case, I feel bad for the judges. That was not an easy or pleasant decision.

I do think there was a lot more arrogance and whining this season, though (from the unsuccessful competitor).

She was the favorite going into this since she was the runner up in the last NIC. IIRC a lot of foodie types on a number of food-centric sites were upset that she didn’t beat Zakarian. I think there was also a bit of the “we need a female IC” thing going on, and she was the last woman standing.

Okay. So?

I don’t know…I found it awfully fishy that the same thing happened twice. I think in this case, they didn’t chose the last chef because of the quality of their dish but that it would make for better tv.

Arghhhhh! I had her pegged for the win! I thought she’d make an awesome iron chef. Faulkner has style, attitude and mad skills. Unfortunately, she also has a little too much saffron.

I wanted Marcel to be eliminated and Faulkner to win. But Marcel won and Faulkner was eliminated. Arghhhh!

I, too, wanted Falkner for the win.

And Marcel is STILL a douche!

Did you guys watch the holiday show Food Network vs. Cooking Channel?

I did, but that chick Nadia makes me want to punch something.

Yeah, what he ^ said!