The Pandemic Blues support group thread

They also have the advantage of dealing with dozens or, over the years, hundreds of kids that age. And talking to their fellow teachers who have as much or more experience.

There are darn few truly novel / unique developmental problems in kids. Just the same basic few over and over with some individual nuance differences. The parent working from a sample size of 1 or 3 and far too close of a perspective is not the person best placed to suss this stuff out.

Or so say the two teachers in my nearby extended family.

True, but don’t most adolescent boys go through a stinky phase where they “forget” or refuse to wash properly?

This stand-up has a whole bit about his kid not wearing deodorant unless nagged into it. I can’t find the original, but here’s a brief follow-up:

If nothing else, I figured y’all might enjoy a laugh.

I vacillate between loving WFH / staying at home, wearing lounge clothes all day, burrowing in and hating every moment of it. I live by myself, so following that line, there are days when I am so glad to make what I want for dinner, if I don’t shower only the cat would be irked and other days when the silence and need for human contact makes me weep.
It hit me hard a little over a week ago. I have gained weight, to the point where any losses from the past few years are gone. I’m not as active as I would like, due to fear of going to the gym and cold weather making hiking or long walks not all that enjoyable. I miss seeing (some) family for more than “You stay at the door, I’ll stay over here, make it brief and get out”. I suffered with health issues for 10 years, they were resolved, I was getting back to ‘normal’ and then normal was taken away.
I don’t know. I think adding the upcoming holidays, the now open differences in beliefs from family members, all the politics has just become too much. Usually I can ignore a lot, as activity can override the negative. Stasis is allowing the negative to flourish in my brain, and it’s not pretty.

This describes me through and through. {{{MissTake}}}

Accepting the caveat that others have it much worse, it still doesn’t negate my own misery.

A series of medical problems and surgeries have kept me as a quasi-invalid for 6 months, and it’s driving me batty. Not only must I stay home, I can do almost nothing while locked down. I can’t lift, walk much, drive, nor work on any project that isn’t keyboard-based. For reasons, the doc has me limited in travel, lifting, walking, and other types of movements I won’t bore you with.

Go boating? Nope, doc says way too much chance of strain or being jostled in waves.
Camping? Nope, no traveling beyond a certain radius, due to blah, blah, plus might overlift.
Fishing? Nope, can’t carry the tacklebox, and a fish on the line plus leverage. etc. etc.
Clean house? Nope, must limit bending and torso twisting likely with the vacuum (seriously).
Go for a walk? Only if close, limit hills, recommend just walking around backyard.
Drive somewhere? Again, only short trips, no long journeys.

I have a post op visit in a few weeks, which should result in releasing some limitations. I’m counting the hours and fighting the boredom till then. I started watching Breaking Bad, and began to wish I had a murderous drug dealer in my basement like Walt. At least I’d have someone to talk to.

Not too many of us do… You’ve got a lot on your plate and none of it tasty. It’s one of those cases where it’s bad enough without the pandemic on top of the limitations you’d be experiencing anyway. Thinking of you, my friend, and sending warm wishes from a Doper buddy. :hugs:

Thank you! I’ll get past all this, but some days it weighs on me. Found out last night that two of my younger cousins (brothers) tested positive, and I guess it has me more bummed than usual.

Imagine the stories we can bore the younger generations with now. :slight_smile:

Well, never mind…I don’t have any problems. :mask: Just feeling bummed about things today. I hope you’re getting looked after, jimmyjoeraybubbabob.

Dern it, typing your name almost made me smile! :angry:

I’m just going to toss this out:

When I was so sick, suddenly it seemed everyone around me was riding unicorns, finding pots of gold at the end of rainbows, all was beautiful. Until I started calling them on it. The universal response was “We don’t have it as bad as you”.

I called bullshit on that. Just because you see someone without shoes doesn’t mean you can’t feel pain and annoyance from the blisters your new shoes have caused. Everyone has something “worser”, but it doesn’t mitigate your right to express your emotions.

Your feelings are your feelings and you have every right to feel them and express them, and since this is a support group thread, we’re here to listen.


We have this in the monthly mini-rants thread over in the Pit every so often. Someone will post their crap, and the next would-be poster to come along is like, “Well, I can’t follow that with my piddly bullshit!”

Sometimes it can turn into a count-your-blessings thing, but if not, your super mini thing is still valid.

I love this analogy.

ETA: come back @Dung_Beetle and whine to/at/with us!

Thank you, @MissTake & @purplehorseshoe. :blush:

I’m feeling down because I haven’t seen my grandson in a year. I’ve been invited to his sixth birthday party on Saturday…and it would be utterly stupid of me to attend it. I’m going to bring him a present anyway, and then leave without touching him. Probably.

I’ll never get a better opening than this.

I wept because I had no shoes til I met a person who had no class.


Can you Skype him? (or similar)

I can talk to him on the phone at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a full-blown breakdown last night. I think the reality of no Thanksgiving, both my FIL and grandfather having cancer, and my job in peril just became too much.

I’m a bit better this morning, but still not exactly “normal.”


This is one of those times when you can’t tell people they’re overreacting or things aren’t that bad. Yeah, things could be worse… and that’s one of the problems. Things are almost sure to get worse… while we’re searching for hope to get us through the day.

I’m starting to have a bit of a freak out. I was exposed about 2 weeks ago, got through quarantine symptom free. They recommended a test before going back out, so I got a test 4 days ago. Haven’t heard a result. I’ve been tested twice before and got the negative call the next day. So there’s that.

Also, I’m probably going to have to shut down my company. I build museum exhibits, and nobody wants any right now. I’ve tried making things for gift shops and managed to sell 5, a couple pieces of custom furniture, but that’s not gonna cut it. Lease on my shop runs out next month. So I’ve got to figure out what to do with all my shit. Anybody want some pallet rack? A couple thousand wooden balls? Some polycarbonate sheets?

And what then? Do I set a tiny shop in my unheated garage? Along about February I’ll be broke.

Jesus. Can you get work in the meantime, perhaps through a contractor, or in a furniture fabrication shop?
I mean, I know the industry isn’t hoppin’ but carpentry skills are still useful. There might be demand in an unrelated field for the same skillset.

Good luck to ya.

I hope everyone got a Pandemic-appropriate level of human contact during the Thanksgiving weekend. I finally saw my son when he drove up from college Sunday, that was a treat – it’s been months; he could only stay two nights and left this morning.

Now the long dark of Moria December.

I just found out that our usual winter holiday has been effectively canceled and I’ll have to work every day except Xmas eve, Xmas, and new year’s. While I’m very grateful to have a job, I’m burnt out, mentally and emotionally exhausted, and I need a fucking break. I have a weekend in an oceanfront motel reserved for the weekend after Christmas and right now I’m going to do everything in my power to get my damn weekend.