The Problem with Miracles

The principle issue of Miracles is that every religion claims them. Sikhs claim to be able to float in the air while meditating. Many religions around the globe have and have had speaking in tongues as part of their beliefs. Weeping statues are commonplace everywhere. Faith healing is commonplace everywhere. And those are just the day-to-day miracles.

If you call the miracles of other faiths false, then it’s entirely possible for your own to be false.

If you say that the miracles all come from the same source, then people have to wonder why God is creating miracles for religions where historically they sacrificed people or where they still believe in multiple gods or whatever.

As I said "believe it or not"and most do not.Heaven will not be over populated.:cool:

So that’s why god doesn’t heal amputees. Who woulda thunk it?

I have often thought that if intercessory prayer actually works, all that it proves is that God actively hates a large number of people, including but not limited to cancer-stricken children, amputees, and earthquake victims.