The Quoteable Due South

Why not? Every other show is getting a Quote thread. :cool:

“When I graduated from the Academy, my father gave me one piece of advice. He said always… no, he said never… well, actually he gave me two pieces of advice but I’ve forgotten the other one but the important one is, never chase a man over a cliff.”
“… That’s supposed to mean something in Canadian, isn’t it?”

“Hey, look at that moose and by the way, a man without a future will always run to his past.”

or… A Man with a future never forgets his past.

I think they borrowed part of this from Steve Martin. He did a routine back in the 70s where he talked about advice his grandmother gave him, and that’s how it started. “She said always…wait no NEVER…”

“You let a wolf save your life, and then you pay and pay and pay and pay.”

“Being an American, I also know where my strength lies. And, that’s being as heavily armed as possible.”

Fraser: She shot my hat, Ray.
Ray Vecchio: …She shot you in the hat?
Fraser: I can feel air coming in through the hole!
Ray Vecchio: (very, very seriously) She shot you in the hat.
Fraser: How does it look?
Ray Vecchio: Doesn’t look good.
Fraser: We’ll have to go home and get my other one.
Ray Vecchio: We can do that, Fraser.
Fraser: Thanks, Ray.

“It has been my experience that many people live their lives thinking they’re respected, only to discover that they’ve been merely feared. And fears can be overcome.”


I loved Due South. It’s one of the last TV series I watched (along with Cupid) before I pretty much gave up on television (not that there weren’t, and aren’t, good shows, but if I start to like something, sure as hell it’ll get cancelled).

There are a lot of great quotes at the IMDB page. A few favorites:

Fraser: There is nothing more frustrating than playing hide and seek with a deaf wolf.

Ray Vecchio: Does the word “incarcerate” mean anything to you?
Fraser: Well it’s from the Medieval Latin, "incarcerata…”
Ray Vecchio: Medieval Latin? You let a perp go and you’re giving me Medieval Latin?
Fraser: Actually, “perpetrator” is also Latin, from "perpetrare…”
Ray Vecchio: Shut up, ok? Just shut up.

Louis Gardino: If we arrested everybody who hated you, we’d pretty much have to shut down this city.


Ray Vecchio: The gunman sir, he was wearing a cashmere jacket and he was driving a black Cadillac. These are kind of expensive things for a two-bit hood, would you not say so, sir?
Harding Welsh: Detective, I’m surprised you haven’t picked up on the little-known fact about thieves - they usually don’t pay for things.


Ray Vecchio: He’s got so many politicians in his pocket he walks with a limp


Ray Vecchio: [to his father’s ghost] Don’t you have things to do in hell or wherever you are?


Fraser Sr.: You did forget my birthday.
Fraser: You were dead!

Real Genius used it too: “Always…no, NEVER forget to check your references.”