The Restaurant - how real is this?

I liked Topher the waiter–he seemed to be the only waiter there that remotely knew what he was doing. BUT, I got the feeling that he expected Rocco to beg him to stay when he quit. He had this “But where’s MY Vespa?” look on his face after Rocco told him goodbye.

I like poor broken-elbowed Gideon too.

But Rocco…eech. 15 minutes of playing it up in the kitchen for the cameras does not redeem him at all. The cooks and kitchen staff were not impressed much either judging from the looks on their faces.

And buying a Vespa for one employee is a really great way to quickly alienate the entire rest of your staff. Way to go, Rocco.

I am so totally addicted to this show.

Yeah. I felt bad for Gideon (Repeatedly Sent Home Broken Elbow Guy) and Topher. The blessing of the restaurant part was a hoot!:D. And poor Mamma, knee deep in ground beef and about to go belly up – I’ve got to give it to her, though: she’s one tough old biscotti!

I have to disagree about the cooks and kitchen staff not being impressed by Rocco’s maestria, though. I loved the choice of the background music during this segment. Had you closed your eyes, you would have had visions of Rocky dancing in your head. I felt the staff was positively PUMPED:D. Not sure how long all of this will last…

“I am so totally addicted to this show”

Amen to that, bro!:smiley:

That’s Amen, sis :wink:

Oh, I was impressed with Rocco’s chef skills, don’t get me wrong but if I’d been working my ass off in that kitchen for 8 hours and he had just waltzed in there for all of 15 minutes I would have been highly irritated.

I think he’s just trying to rouse the troops because morale has fallen so low. It won’t last. Next week’s episode will find him smoozing all the cute girls upstairs and totally ignoring the staff once again.

Poor old Momma did look like she was about to keel over face-first into her giant raw meatballs though, didn’t she?

I aM Interested in the show because my late grandfather ownwed and operated a restaurant for many (30+) years.My uncle was the chef, and he worked his ass off! Nobody who hasn’t worked ina restaurant knows how hard the work is…and if you are the owner, you HAVE to be there 24/7…if you want your restaurant to survive! Rocco is different-he is well-capitalized, and isn’t afraid to riskhis own money…but still, every day is a struggle. Of course, maybe at the end he sells out to somebody…that is really the best time of being a restauranteur!

Oops…sorry about that, sis!:slight_smile:

“Next week’s episode will find him smoozing all the cute girls upstairs and totally ignoring the staff once again.”
*EPISODE 105 Stage fright The staff is angry that their paychecks haven’t arrived - some of them can’t even pay the rent. Rocco’s overworked Mom gets sick. Then three of his cooks can’t come to work because they got in a bloody bar fight, and Rocco wonders if the bad news will ever end. Bringing food to his sick Mom, Rocco realizes he has been pushing everyone too hard. He decides to work as a server and demonstrate he’s part of the team. That night he works with Uzay. Struggling to keep up, Rocco earns the staff’s grudging admiration. He also gains a new appreciation for how difficult their jobs are. *

ralph : Yeah. I agree. Restaurant business must definitely be tough. If you want to be successful, however, you have to surround yourself with a solid team, a team ready to go to bat for you. But this has to be reciprocal. The team must also feel that the owner will support them. And Rocco simply doesn’t seem to have grasped that elementary concept so far.

Come to think of it, maybe those summaries shouldn’t be posted in the future. Some could see them as Spoilers. My apologies if they have been taken as such. In any case, you know know where to find them, should you wish to glance at them…:slight_smile: