The Rivalry - HBO Documentary

Did anyone watch the new HBO documentary, Michigan vs. Ohio State: The Rivalry?

As an OSU fan (but not alumni) and long time resident of Columbus, I loved it. I realize I may be biased but it sure seemed to paint OSU far more favorably than Michigan. The main message I got was:

Michigan: Elitist snobs.
OSU: Salt of the earth, rough around the edges, but great fans.

The footage of all the great games over the history of The Rivalry was fun. I remember watching some of the later games, in the 80’s and 90’s, that they showed footage of. Earle Bruce’s firing and the player’s tribute to him, Biaka-ba-butt-f*cker (hehe), the Cooper years (weep).

I also got a bit misty-eyed with how they built up the"hatred" of the two great coaches (Bo & Woody) then turned it 180 degrees and showed how much real respect, admiration, and friendship the two shared in their life. I don’t recall the exact quote or whom said it in the documentary but to paraphrase, these two great men, so dedicated to The Rivalry, were the only two who could possibly understand the other.

Anyway, very enjoyable documentary and it has me all pumped up for Saturday’s game!

Go Bucks! [COLOR=Gray]F*ck Michigan!![/COLOR]

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Was Tressel in the movie? Because I heard Lloyd Carr wasn’t even contacted.

There was footage of Tressel, the most prominent being his “first day” pronouncement about the Michigan game in 360+/- days. I don’t recall specific interviews with him though.

From a couching perspective, it was the early/first coaches and then a lot of focus on Woody & Bo. Carr and Tressel were more in the theme of “passing the torch” and mostly it was contrasting Tressel vs. Cooper.


I think that has more to do with your bias. As an Illinois alum I have no affection for either team, though I admit to hating Michigan more, but I don’t think it painted either team as better or worse than the other.

Your analysis could very easily be viewed as:

Michigan: Proud, Educated and Cultured.
OSU: Irrational rednecks who define themselves by the fortunes of their team.

I think it’s all a matter of perspective, it’s a credit to the shows producers that they managed to be fairly balanced an leave it open to multiple interpretations.