The "Steel Folding Chair" Thread..

Who would you most like to hit over the head with a steel folding chair?

The Hulkster chooses his religion teacher, who doesnt let anyone else have an opinion (e.g Euthanasia is wrong, your ignorant for thinking it could possible be a good thing, in any situation).

Your turn.

“The chair- give 'em the chair!”

I’d like to bash the spammers who forced me out of my old, favorite e-mail address and made me have to get a new one. Newsflash: I don’t want to have sex with farm animals or teenaged sluts. Leave me alone. (And stop sending that stuff to my little neices- it’s indecent)


Are you sure this belongs in the pit?

You also must say why your pissed off with the person/thing your hitting with the chair.

My Religion teach is a fucking moron who doesnt listen to anyone elses opinion.

(Happy Reeder?)

The assholes who took pictures of their ass and scroutums. I had to develop a panoramic shot of someone’s hairy ass and their sacs hanging out of their zippers. I hope they caught themselves in the zipper when they were done.

That is disgusting! Did you give them the pics??

As I am unaware of any company policies concerning obscene photos, I just tossed them in. Besides, I wasn’t going to let them get free prints, as I can’t charge people for prints that aren’t returned.