The Syrian/Kurd/Turkey situation.

Have you ever been to a refugee camp?

Why? Are they bad?

I don’t know why you’re being so defensive. I’m not saying moving millions of refugees into this region is right. But the article Walken linked describes the area as once being Syria’s breadbasket and it has a decent rural population. That is slightly at odds with “no ‘there’ there”. But go ahead and tell me the realistic dream location for your mass relocation of refugees.

In general, they are like moving far too many people into areas where there were little villages. The ones I’ve been to are probably 20-50 years old and they suck.

I’m honestly baffled why you seem to argue that putting millions of people where there is not the infrastructure for them, and zero means to finance the infrastructure, is kind of not an actual problem.

Well, first of all I haven’t even remotely argued that. There is no way you could honestly think I “seemed” to do that unless you didn’t actually read the words I wrote. And we are both aware the refugees are already in places where there is no infrastructure for them.

From the post that got you all riled up:
“But I have no idea how well this area could support whatever refugees get dumped there. Turkey could be creating its own West Bank.”

Why in the hell do you think I “seem” to be arguing this is a good thing/not an actual problem?

This is the same town where U.S. vehicles flying our flag were pelted with vegetables and contempt.

I am curious where all the people who are praising Trump for ending “endless wars” are now that it just turns out he’s shuffling the Syrian troops to Iraq.

If being honest I know little to nothing about the situation, but I don’t like the idea of us being involved in the situations of foreign countries, I prefer isolationism when it comes to handling other countries’ business.

I don’t think we should be the “policeman” of the world. I didn’t think we should have gotten involved in Iraq at all during George W. Bush’s presidency, I don’t believe it benefited us in any way and actually hurt the U.S. What is different about this why should we be involved in the region at all, it seems like a situation that has nothing to do with us.

Situations evolve and change, but I’m welcome to persuasion is there a good reason the United States should be involved at all?

But let’s be clear, you aren’t talking about business are you? You don’t want the US involved with another country’s politics but you’re ok with the US being involved in their economy and them in ours, right?

The thing to remember in this discussion is that you were already involved. There is a right way and a wrong way to pull out. Doing it the wrong way is the biggest problem with Trump’s pullout.

Well, it isn’t an easy question to answer. Clearly, we had no cause to invade Iraq, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and a new generation of terrorists.

However, our involvement in NATO could well have prevented a Soviet invasion of Western Europe during the Cold War, preventing countless deaths and perhaps even a nuclear war. (I say “could have” because while I think it is virtually certain, it is a matter of speculation.)

What’s more, if we withdraw from the world stage, others step in. And at this moment, it would likely be highly repressive countries like Russia and China filling the void. I don’t like the idea of authoritarianism spreading around the world - but I recognize that isolationists may not buy that argument, as by definition they don’t really get bothered too much if other people in other lands get murdered, tortured, imprisoned, or whatever.