The term "dick"

Spider I know you have asked me that before. I live in Highland Square. It is the very near West side of inner Akron. You wouldn’t know it if you showed up today.

I think I remember the skit, but have no idea about the answer to your question. I’ll try to get an answer from a guy my age (57) who I know watched it. I’ll see him this weekend.

Samclem when I think of the near west side of Akron, I think of Cadillac Hill and the Tangiers restaurant.

Two blocks up from Tangiers.

I’ll buy you(or anyone else who dares come here) a beer.

My e-mail address is no secret.

Nope, Houlihan was that guy’s stage name. He left Big Chuck when he found religion and moved to Atlanta where he preached the word under his god-given name, which now escapes me. Houlihan is my real last name, and I was also born and raised in Goodyear Heights, two blocks from Resevoir Park. I have since escaped into the posh suburban landscapes of Tallmadge.

I don’t have any specific recollection of the skit you mention, but “sock it to me, baby” was a big hit for Mitch Ryder and the Detriot Wheels in 1967. You can hear a sample of it here:,,157824,00.html

Well, I Turned You On by the Isley Brothers has that chorus too, but I’d bet dollars to donuts it was Respect by Aretha Franklin. (OK, that lyrics link says “profits” but they got most of it right)