The Time Has Come to Change the National Anthem!

I’m still hoping to get the Canadian national anthem changed.

From an aesthetic standpoint I would support that. AtB is a much nicer and more singable song.

Actually the British just skip that verse - if they sing more than one verse, it’ll be the first and third (as done in the aforementioned Britten version).

Well if that’s what you want… [Note: audio really not NSFW].

Tbh though, I’d be happier if, instead of changing the anthem, we’d at the very least stop getting grandstanding melisma addicts to sing it at public events and get the crowds to sing it instead. It’s our anthem, dammit.

No love for Phillip Souza? An anthem doesn’t HAVE to have a vocal section…

Consider this though: How do you think would you feel about a selection forty or fifty years later? If it had been changed that long ago, we’d likely be stuck with some disco version!

So be careful what you wish for - you might get it.

Too Marxist for some.

Actually, by original definition, it should. Anthems are choral or vocal pieces.

Can we just stop playing the thing before sporting events? What is it with sporting events that mandates someone has to go out a butcher a hard to sing song? Why don’t we sing it before rock concerts? Why not before church starts (maybe some do)? What about before a movie theatre starts the movie?

If we’re doing Schoolhouse Rock I’d go with the Preamble song.

All I know is, we should hold nationwide auditions where people can come up on a stage and perform their anthem…

Distinction noted. Thank you.

So - have a Souza march performed by the “New Swingle Singers.”

Are the lyrics “Be kind to your small person friends”? I don’t think that’s very anthem-y. Not enough blood.

(Martin Mull, mid 70’s)

This land ain’t your land,
This land is MY land.
From the New York Yankees to Levittown Long Island.
From the Gulf Coast Golf Course to the US Air Force
This land was made for folks like me.

Well, my version was from Joey Tribbiani.

Damn heathens. Don’t you know that Jesus, himself, personally handed the National Anthem to our founding fathers!? And George Washington, AK 47 in hand, declared, ‘Make it so!’

Change it!? Oh Lordy, take me now.

Or this?

I always sing:

God shed her grace on thee
And crowned thy good
With sisterhood
From sea to shining sea.

I get funny looks. I don’t care.

I’d wager that most Americans are happier with their state u football song than the are with the Star Spangled Banner.

Even (fuck’em Bucky!) “On Wisconsin!” isn’t bad, even though it was originally “Minnesota!”

In the WW2 era (and after - I don’t know when the tradition ended) - Canadian movie audiences were expected to stand for “O Canada” before the movie, and then “God Save the King/Queen” at the end.[

You know what’s better than a national anthem? A national rhapsody.

You know the Hungarian Rhapsody by List, even if only from watching old cartoons. Sweden has a rhapsody that’s pretty catchy: it’s sampled in the Ma-na-meh-na song. Czechia doesn’t have one that I could find, but they can use the Dance of the Comedians. The Romanian Rhapsody will get you out of bed in the morning.

You might say the the USA has Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, but a 1920’s urbanite composition won’t do for a fraught 2020’s. It won’t play as soon as you get to the suburbs. Someone will come up with a clunky red version

There’s always Entrance of the Gladiators by Julian Fučík. It would certainly keep one’s leaders humble to walk in with that playing

Yeah, even worse fake “patriotism”. I’m guessing all Canadians are glad that crap is over with.