The trial of Elizabeth Holmes (Theranos)

As a poorly informed UK citizen, I’m new to this tale of fraud, deceit, megalomania, NDAs, lavish Halloween parties, voice modifications, Chuck Work (not to be confused with Steve Jobs), intimidation, 22-strong security teams, FOMO, lack of blinking ability, Shultzs George and Tyler, and a few more indiscretions nestling in the deep caverns of my consciousness that I can’t recall right now due to brain overload reading about this case.

I note that Ramesh Balwani’s attorneys requested separate trials for their client and his former paramour Elizabeth Holmes, with Balwani to go first. They got separate trials but a court ruled that Holmes should be go to court before Balwani.

As Balwani’s team wanted first dibs, one would assume they see an advantage in so doing. Since details of Holmes’ trial will presumably be available for Balwani’s court appearance I would have thought it an advantage to go second.

Could someone explain what I’m missing.

Many thanks.

This is not a legal analysis, just an observation.

The first on the bus is in a position to throw the second under it.

Wait, how do you throw someone under the bus when you’re already on it?

But I do agree that’s the advantage of going first….

ISWYDT…bolding mine.

It certainly sounds like the makings of a great game of Fiasco!

The storyteller who pitches first gets to frame the story. Everybody else in the room is just arguing over details. In this case, it is clearly going to be Holmes making the case of being a victim of partner abuse and emotional manipulation, and even though the facts clearly don’t support that conclusion, Elizabeth Holmes has never bet wrong on being able to use her hypnotic gaze and penchant for persuasive sonorous bullshit to convince people of all sorts of things that should have them scratching their heads. Tyler Schultz reported repeatedly walking into Holmes’ office to confront her about the incongruence of her claims and the actual work being done, only to leave reportedly convinced of her vision, and then ten minutes later wondering, “What just happened?”

Whether her legal team will be able to pull off the same feats of legerdemain remains to be seen but I’m on record in predicting that Holmes will almost certainly get a light sentence of probably house confinement or even a suspended sentence while simultaneously screwing over her investors, employees, corporate customers, medical patients, and women at large. Welcome to Silicon Valley, where the startup culture is so ridiculously over the top even Mike Judge couldn’t effectively satirize it.


Stranger, I had been entertaining serious doubts about you, but these have now been dispelled in light of the sincerity, enthusiasm, and staring blue eyes exhibited in your response to my concerns. I am once again in perfect tune with your values of knowledge, eloquence, and common sense.

I might post again in about ten minutes.

Promises, promises…