The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

Pro Tip: Covid is not an ultra-rare Pokemon.

I didn’t realize you were so close to Clothahump.

I call it “Herman Cain Syndrome”.

Yeah, see, that’s the sad thing - if you really want a covid for your own you don’t need to join the Trumpists. It’s quite easy to acquire all on its own. [/sarcasm]

One woman accused him of assault, and her claims have been thoroughly discredited.

A few others accused Biden of making them feel uncomfortable with uninitiated physical contact, which he has acknowledged.

There have been a lot of stories similar to these:

Trump is doing what authoritarians do in a market economy. He’s trying to dictate which companies benefit the most in his market. He’s setting up an economy based on rewards. In the long run, if this type of economy succeeds, the rest of us become poorer. American companies become weaker and less competitive.

WHOA! Went to the grocery store early and missed the whole thing. I’m glad.

Considering how long this thread and its parent have been around, this is the first time it’s gone totally off the rails.

I just tried to put him on my Ignore list and he’s not coming up in the search for that, so I guess once someone is suspended they can’t be added. Which is a bloody nuisance, since I really don’t want to read his hatefulness.

I, a life-long libertarian, will gladly join the Democrats in holding the Republicans’ collective heads underwater until the bubbles stop.

After that, we’ll see what happens, but I am contemplating how to pay for UBI.

I believe it’s also the first time the thread was hijacked with turtle porn.

I believe it’s also the first time the thread was hijacked with turtle porn.

That’s a sentence that’s probably never been written before.

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What are you having us download, dude?

WTF? How is it even possible to post a link that auto-downloads here? :flushed:

ETA: Ok, in hindsight, that’s not so difficult, but so rude that I’ve never encountered a download link here at the board in 11 years. And the link in my browser preview looks suspicious, a board url pointing to some download, as if it came from here.

Its a song.
“Stop Children Whats That sound”

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You can link to it without making it a download.