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STAR WARS PEOPLE… STAR WARS! I wasn’t intending to start a game of seven degrees of Mark Hammil! hehee

There’s at least one major battle in the LucasArts “Jedi Knight” game which occurs largely on a narrow walkway high above a chasm, also.

A fight near the edge of a pit is more dramatic. Not only do you have to keep track of where your opponent is, but you have to be aware of your footing. It gives you more opportunities to show the good guys in trouble without making them look like complete wussbunnies.

Guard rails! Why couldn’t they just put up some freaking guardrails if they need the bottomless pits?!?! Maybe this *is just nitpicking in what is basically an escapist fantasy, but I agree with Tom. Phantom Menace is a rehash of New Hope and Jedi, with a race of aliens that make the Ewoks look like Bobba freaking Fett! There is not one original idea in the movie, and when holes in the plot are either so obvious or repeated so often that they make the movie less entertaining, they become bad writing. I thought PM was far and away the least of the Star Wars films. Almost as far behind Jedi as Jedi was behind Empire.

My $.02.

What, you think they had OSHA in the federation?

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You mean the EMPIRE.
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