They're aliens. Get over it.

But the guys in the woods in “Village,” those are aliens. Right?

Yes, but if I’m not mistaken, humans have about 70% water in their bodies. One bite and the evil alien is dead!

I guess the human feast would have to be properly prepared by an expert alien chef, then. Does that make humans the fugu of the cosmos (much like tuna is the chicken of the sea)?


They’re gay?

Signs was a ridiculously retarded movie. If you can defend the crud in this, you can defend anything.

“But it’s about faith!”

Fiiiiine. It’s a fuckin’ retarded movie about faith.

I don’t want to wreck it or anything, but actually their ghosts.

I think the reason people don’t get Shamalyan (or whatever his name is) is because they expect versimilitude. He uses ghosts, aliens, and monsters only iconically, and doesn’t care about versimilitude. I see them as thriller-comic surfaces, really, and think he is quite good at telling a story and evoking a movie within that milieu. The movies aren’t retarded, bust most movie goers are – and I don’t mean stupid, I mean the real meaning of retarded, as in undeveloped or stunted.

And isn’t that a nice pair of drawers the Emperor is wearing?

The Sixth Sense was a masterpiece. Unbreakable was dumb and forgetable. Signs was drooling retardation.

I don’t give a shit about what is intentions are; he’s been telling crap stories with techniques that just don’t work. The dialog in Signs was atrocious. The ideas were boneheaded.

The average person in the theater is not retarded; anyone who says so can fairly be called a snob and an elitist. The average person just wants a good show. He who can communicate big ideas while keeping people entertained is the true master. Shakespeare never seemed to have any problem keeping both the intellectuals and the groundlings coming back for more.

I had made a little bet with myself that someone would say this by the 7th post on this thread. Turns out I was right.
Whenever a conversation about this movie comes up, someone will invariably say that, and they’ll always act like it was a point that no one had ever brought up before.

I’m agreeing with Aeschines. Scary.

Come on people, Signs is in the running for dumbest movie ever. It’s just one idiocy piled on another.

Oh, and skutir? It’s verisimilitude (note the i). Perhaps you should try using easier words?

Wow. I’m the only one who enjoyed the movie. Oh well, if retarded is the only label I ever get slapped on me here then I’m doing pretty good.

Carry on. :smiley:

Thanks; I hadn’t seen that before. That’s the first time anybody here has presented me with a good reason to think the creatures are aliens. (Besides the retarded refrain, “Prove that they’re not aliens!” Imagine the response if somebody here used that argument in regards to a real-world claim. Apparently the idea is that Occam’s Razor doesn’t apply because it’s a movie, yet you expect other aspects of logic to apply. You jump to an illogical conclusion, then complain that your own conclusion doesn’t make sense. Fucking brilliant.)

So, sense the writer/director is God as far as the reality of the story goes, they’re aliens. Thanks for settling the question definitively. Now I’d really like to get Shyamalan alone and make him explain some things.

I was abducted by aliens.

They took out my brain. And then you know what they did with it?


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, they licked it.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, I know, disgusting! They licked it!

Okay okay okay okay okay okay, they put it back. But I haven’t been the same since.

Thank you MAD TV.

It occurs to me that Shyamalan should take it as a compliment that he’s being held to a higher standard than, say, Roland Emmerich, who makes cheerfully moronic movies that could have been written by software. When somebody’s intermittently brilliant, it’s more irritating when they have lapses.

Thanks for the spell-check. You may keep your insult.

For me, what’s retarded is using the word “retarded” a lot, and being incapable of finding vocabulary or explanations other than name-calling.

Again, I mean “retarted” in its real meaning of undeveloped and stunted. Juvenile.

Actually, the part that gave me eyeaches from going :rolleyes: – ??

Advanced-technology extraterrestrials zoom down and prepare to dominate the earth, hovering over our major metropolitan centers where they get photographed and videotaped As Seen On TV…

Including, of course, that strategically important terran hub, WestBubblefuck Cornfield, Iowa?

WTF is it with aliens and cornfields anyhow? Can’t some of them do rice paddies or orange orchards occasionally?

I suppose it does explain Corn Nuts® though…

The part that gave me eyeaches etcetera was the bit where a small Middle Eastern village figured out how to kill the aliens (Water. So original. So credible. So logical.) and from there it spread throughout the globe in a matter of days, but the CNN reporter didn’t know yet. Of course not. He only has ten cell phones, five fax machines and a room full of computers connected to the internet, how was he supposed to find out?

But it’s about FAITH!