Thin is in, will it ever be out again?

There was a recent study out of Australia that showed a huge amount of promise for bariatric surgery curing diabetes. Link.

This makes me wonder about the future of weightloss. I think we’re going to start seeing more and more people have this type of surgery. And that might make “thin” more common than it is now.

If thin became more common, would it be less valued as it was during some periods in the past?

Bitter Type I diabetic rant: You can take my entire stomach out, my intestines, too, but I’d still have diabetes. So very frustrating when the evening news says “New cure for diabetes!” before a commercial break, and then they come back and it turns out that studies say diet and exercise may help alleviate or get rid of Type II diabetes. Call me when you discover something about Type I, newspeople.

Hijack over, I think it’s possible that a more full-bodied figure is desirable for fashion some time in the future, but it’s going to be something like plus-size fashion models – curvy but firm. I don’t think we’ll ever see a time when a Rubenesque figure becomes the desirable norm.

Never say never. There may come a time when the whole world falls on hard times, food gets scarce, and those of us who are more evolved and able to hold onto our calories better could become very desirable.

(Miss Purl, there’s been some very promising work done by the University of Calgary and University of Alberta researchers - just google Edmonton Protocol.)

If ‘young and healthy’ goes out of fashion, then thin will shortly follow.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Thanks, featherlou! I probably shouldn’t get pouty, but the past week has been a long string of “breakthroughs for diabetes!” and people going, “You’re a diabetic! So’s my grandma, but she doesn’t take shots.” or “You’re not that fat, are you?” :confused: Maybe I’m just fat enough? People make me nuts.

Yes, I should have been clearer in the OP. Sorry about that.

I don’t think so.

There’s a range between morbidly obese and skinny. In the middle are all the overweight people who could stand to lose ten to fifty pounds, but don’t come close to qualifying for surgery. As long as there are a lot of people in that group, I can’t see society moving away from the thin aesthetic.

Yeah, toned, fit, thin bodies aren’t what the lap-band or gastirc bypass surgery gets you. I think naturally slender bodies will always be in because they imply youth and health. The actual “ideal” thinness will vary like it always does, some year being almost skeletally thin, other years being more robust and athletic but clothes hang better on thinner bodies. I don’t think it’s going away.

While weight loss surgery can help people to lose weight initially, those who continue to eat badly and not exercise will put the weight back on. It’s a fact. Because of this, and the great majority of insurance companies not covering WLS, I don’t see that it will become widespread enough for a Star-Belly Sneetches scenario – though it would be hilarious if it did!

Personally, as much as I needed to lose my weight, and as happy as I am having lost it – I was more than a little disappointed at Queen Latifah doing the Jenny Craig endorsement. I mean, here is a gorgeous full figured woman who has always been proud of her body and helped millions of women to accept themselves basically selling out – saying “I need to lose weight and so do you.” It really made me sad, as much as I can understand it. Wow – how’s that for a fucked up worldview? I was overweight, I needed to lose weight, Queen Latifah is overweight, but I don’t want her to lose it? I guess I just kind of wanted to believe that she really was the confident, sexy woman I always saw her as. Meh.

Thin will be “in” until food becomes scarce. Honestly, when thin goes “out” I think the least of our worries will be "how do these pants make my ass look?

With my luck, I’ll just become more desirable as a food source when the skinny people are driven to cannibalism. “Oh, let’s eat TimeWinder first! He’s so well-marbled!”

Among men, I’d say that attraction to more “big-boned” women is actually on the rise. Admittedly, that seems to be because more men are overweight, and people seem to generally prefer someone in “their range.”

Whether women’s fashion will ever catch up with what men like, that’s the real question.

For most men, other than Ron Jeremy, your pecker looks bigger if you are thin.
Very few men look good nude when they are fat.

Hmmm, I hadn’t thought of that consequence. Maybe we need to be overweight AND very good runners. Or sneaky, with lots of traps around where we live.

Every time I see this discussion taking place, I feel compelled to say that despite very serious propaganda, the black, inner city culture continues to value the ‘thick’ woman. I am not talking morbidly obese, but I am talking big butt, thighs, hips, breasts. And I mean BIG.

Girls really suffer from insecurities such as, “my butt is too flat. I think I will wear three pairs of shorts under my pants.”

I don’t expect this to be the mainstream anytime soon, but still…I find it interesting.

Don’t worry about it, jsgoddess. I could never be mad at you!