Things you're suprised people haven't heard of

I have a coworker who’s never heard of Three Mile Island.

I once had this conversation:

Me: You’re a good egg.

Her: :confused: And you’re a good… sperm?

She’d honestly never heard that expression.

A few years ago a Doper posted that someone he knew had no idea who Hitler was.

Girl Genus, Digger, lolwut.

All entirely foreign to me. No idea. Never heard of them.

Sorry. I must be getting old…sigh.

Yeah, there’s something amusing about a “can you believe someone has never heard of this thing” thread where the thing in question is a ridiculously obscure webcomic.

Quoted for truth.

There is probably someone who (totally made up) can’t believe nobody else has heard of the shopkeeper who sold some poison to an anarchist in late 19th century Peoria and got arrested and set a legal precedent for police powers that was overturned by some early 20th century ruling. A realist doesn’t expect anyone to have even heard of Peoria unless they live or have lived within a hundred mile radius.

^ The OP said “whether people in general, or in a specific circumstance” and then “How can a comic fan who spends time online not have heard of…”

She wasn’t saying how could the average joe have never heard of this, she was saying how could someone who’s so involved in the webcomic world not have heard of this. It’s like a music blog reviewer not knowing who Justin Bieber is, not like your grandma not knowing who Justin Bieber is.

There are lots of words, phrases and people I’ve known about since I was a kid that most people I’ve worked with over the last 25 years have never heard of. Examples:

The Marx Brothers
A lot of major newsworthy people (one specific example is the Zodiac killer); news in general

I’ve not exactly worked with the creme de la creme of society…

Yes, thank you - although, to be fair, the article I was referring to was primarily about printed comics, although it did mention Girl Genius (which was in print first, and like most webcomics has a print version)

(And I’m not sure which comic people are referring to as ridiculously obscure, but Girl Genius, well, let me just quote from the first paragraph of its wikipedia article: “The comic has won five WCCA awards including 2008 Outstanding Comic, and been nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist, an Eagle Award and twice for an Eisner Award; in 2009, 2010, and 2011 it won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story.”

Digger is by Ursula Vernon, the creator of the lolwut pear, and a published artist and writer. Digger itself, well, quoting from Ms. Vernon’s wiki article: “She was nominated for the 2006 Eisner Awards in the category Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for her work on Digger. Digger has also received a number of awards and nominations for the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards in the Outstanding Black and White Art and Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic categories.”

She’s no Phil and Kaja Foglio, but she’s well-known enough that she supports herself and her husband with her art. Not to mention that the very first Google result for ‘digger’ is the comic.)

I realize that that’s what the OP was going for. But “Digger” is ridiculously obscure even by webcomic standards. Their readership is tiny (i.e. website analytics trackers rank it in the 1.5 million range of all websites). More people will have read this thread in the next week than will read “Digger.”

I’ve gotten a few blank states for saying Gesundheit after someone sneezes.

I told someone not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I was flabbergasted when they didn’t know what it meant. I’m only 25 but evidently this is some sort of old-timey phrase now.

Also, saying that someone is “the bee’s knees” is out of fashion too :frowning:

Arguable (read my post above), but beside the point.

alphaboi867, that is weird.

I was talking at work about someone I found attractive and said, “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” which was met with several blank stares. Apparently that phrase is either locational or generational specific to some extent because no one else got it.

Not arguable. It’s a fact that very few people read Digger:

You see up in the righthand corner where it says “Directly Measured Data”? That means that Quantcast is pulling visitor data from a code tag that the author of Digger added to the site themselves. And it says that roughly 5,000 people read Digger a month. There are currently four threads on the front page of IMHO with a bigger readership.

I don’t think that is weird. Not everyone speaks Swedish.

Again, the issue is not that it’s a niche comic, the issue is that you’d expect a reviewer in the field to have more than a passing knowledge of the major comics. And the fact that the comic was nominated for an Eisner award says to me that while general readership is low, the existence of the comic is not a secret in the comics world.

I have never eaten string cheese and I had never heard of it until my daughter went to preschool a couple of years ago. And I love cheese. I’ve lived in the US for about twenty years at the time, but I did not grow up here.

Same daughter introduced me to Taio Cruz and Dynamite last night.

In 1997, I knew there was a show on TV called Sienfeld, but had no idea what it was about. I did not recognize Jerry from a picture someone had in their cube at work. When they found out that I had never owned a TV, they literally recoiled in horror.

But, by all accounts, Digger doesn’t appear to be a major comic. It’s a niche within a niche within a niche and EXPECTING someone (even a writer who writes about comics) to know of it’s existence is absurd.

Personally, I read dozens of webcomics and I’ve heard of hundreds. But there are thousands of other webcomics out there. As I posted above, I had never heard of Digger before this thread.

My point exactly. The world of webcomics is huge. Mocking someone because they’ve never heard of your favorite (unless your favorite is Penny Arcade or Sluggy Freelance) is crazy.